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" No to the dialogue with the UN-Libyan mission personnel"

Hello Dr. Ibrahim

Thank you for providing your page to such discussion. The following is a heartfelt plea to the exiled Libyan communities in the USA and all over the world.

I have few comments to make in regard to the Libyan American/UN Libyan mission personnel meetings that took place recently in NYC. The main item on the agenda is Gaddafi's desire to acquire complete control of the Libyan American community abroad. The progression of events in my opinion will be as follow:

The Libyan Mission at the UN will recruit people to be active members for Gaddafi's cause in their respective communities. There will be a "rabiTa/group" in each city inhabited by a large group of Libyans. You, as a Libyan abroad, have to be a member of this rabiTa/group or you will be considered a CIA agent, stray dog, or any of the epithet the regime is using to describe the decent Libyans living abroad. In another word, You, as a Libyan abroad, will be labelled as thawri/revolutionary or kalb Daal/stray dog depending on your stand in this issue.

Next, after establishing those "rawabiT/groups" all over, You, as a Libyan abroad, will not be able to get a new passport, renew an existing passport, add a child to your existing passport, do business with Libya, get any official letter from the UN office now, or a Libyan Embassy in the future, unless you have a membership card showing that you are a loyal member of this rabiTa/group. They will use pressure to make you submissive. The rabiTa/group will be your mokhtar ma7alla or your mo'tamar sha3bi/people's committee for any reference/business /transaction needed. In another word, Gaddafi is brining his failed system of mo'tamarat sha3bia/peoples' committees to the Libyan community abroad.

If you think about it, that is exactly what's the regime is trying to do. In Libya, if you are "not" a member of the mo'tamar sha3bi/people committee of your area, you "can't" do anything. You can't buy food from any jam3ia/supermarket, you can't perform any task in the government offices, and you can't move from point A to B. So, if you are familiar with the system in Libya, expect the same to happen abroad but on a smaller scale. A small version of Gaddafi's people committees among the Libyan communities abroad.

I don't blame the Libyans in Libya for being members in such committees because they have no choice but to join such circus. They have to do it in order to survive. For the Libyans abroad the story is different. We have the choice of saying no. We do not need to cooperate with the system. They can't make us do what we do not want to do. Gaddafi wants to show the world in general and the USA in particular that all the Libyans are with him and the proof is that they are all members of his people's committees both abroad and inside of Libya. Is this why we decided to live abroad? Do we need to help him achieve his goal? The answer is a simple no.

This form of action by the current system in Libya will take us no where. Gaddafi is not changing any of his policies. Actually, he is going to implement them within the Libyan communities abroad in the near future. He is also going to repeat what happened within the Libyan communities many years ago when Gaddafi's agents where every where in the world. The Libyan community abroad will be divided into two groups. One with Gaddafi loyalists and the people who are benefiting from the regime one way or another, and the other group with Gaddafi's opposition. The latter being the ones who will have the guts to say no to any proposition from the regime's personnel. The result is a "deep rift" between the members of the Libyan community abroad. That's what Gaddafi wants to achieve: divide and conquer.

My fellow exiled Libyans, be aware of Gaddafi's new policies of reaching to the Libyan communities in exile. Always remember that Gaddafi doesn't want anyone to live with dignity. Be very cautious when dealing with his agents. Be extra aware of what they ask you to do. Things may seem normal or OK for you from the outside, but in reality they are not what they seem to be. We have to be a step ahead of Gaddafi and his agents. We need to nip in the bud any attempts by the regime to gain control of the Libyan community abroad. We should be able to say NO to the dialogue with the UN-Libyan Mission personnel. That's the only way we can fight Gaddafi. Our unity abroad is his downfall.


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