24 December 1951; Libya's Independence Day

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24 December 1951: Libya's Independence Day
King Idris declaring Libya's Independance [ Audio ]
Libya: National Anthem [1951 - 1969 ] "Libya Libya Libya" [ Audio ]
Libya: The Italian Occupation and the Libyan Resistance
Libya: Pictures of the Italian Occupation
Libya: A Libyan Hero: Omar al-Mukhtar [1862-1931] - Part I
Libya: A Libyan Hero: Omar al-Mukhtar [1862-1931] - Part II
Libya: The Secret Proceedings of the Italians' Trial of Omar al-Mukhtar
Libya: Omar al-Mukhtar Association: "Jam'iyat Omar al-Mukhtar"
A Tribute to the 20th century Libyan Hero Omar al-Mukhtar
Libya: Libyan Mujahed Mohammed al-Na'as al-Feghi
Libya: History of its Flag and National Anthem
9 August 1940: The establishment of the Libyan army
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