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"Here we go again !"
Dear Dr. Ibrahim:

Keep this wonderful job. May Allah reward you in abundance.
You may know who had said this phrase, "Here we go again" and in what circumstances. Adam [ Alhaddad ] has spoken my mind and I will not be in that position to put together a statement with such high quality and openness. However, I may add some humble thoughts to the discussion to maintain its flavor and encourage exchanging healthy ideas.

    1- Libyans in exile have chosen to live abroad for ethical and moral reasons and as long as there is no breakthrough that convince them to head back home the situation will continue to be the same.

    2- When a person attends a meeting as the one we address in our discussion he should not be stressful or even shameful if he is convinced that his act is proper, but the total relaxation and the sound sleep will disrupt & disturb once those who will be harmed by its byproducts will receive a glimpse of knowledge about the identity of the participants and to make the list public. In my humble understanding this is unfair for the following facts:
    a) We live in an open society where things are discussed publicly even if it's the personal life of the president.
    b) The Libyans in exile have the right to access information about Libya as this will keep them alerted and involved in their country affairs.
    c) You can not hand matches and gasoline to a child and go to take a peaceful nap.

    3- Some of the participants have been known closely to me for years and they declared openly and frequently that they do not want to be classified or to be sheltered under any political or human rights umbrella. Furthermore, some of them pay and maintain constant visitations to Libya. The question is why they want just now to serve the Libyans in exile and why they do not return promptly to our beloved country and help its people since they have this privilege?

    4- I will personally salute them if they raised during the discussion the issue of the political prisoners and detainees in Libya, if they expressed their dissatisfaction toward the irresponsible actions of the revolutionary committees and if they asked that Libya as a civilized nation should be ruled by a constitution which is adopted by the Libyan people. Otherwise, this meeting and any other meetings that might be held in the future are just a face lifting by unskilled cosmetic surgeon.

    5- The Libyans in exile are not concerned much about renewing their Libyan passports or to visit Libya once in a while, but we sound off for the followings:
        1) A constitution to rule Libya that reflects the dreams of the Libyans' faith
            and culture.
        2) The establishment of the legitimate institutions.
        3) Full respect to the human dignity.
        4) The freedom of speech and nobody is treated as above the law.
        5) The immediate release of the political detainees and prisoners of
        6) The immediate dissolving of the Revolutionary Committees.
        7) All those who are responsible for the political, economical and/or cultural
            corruption and blood shed should be brought to justice and many more.

This statement is not an attempt to condemn those who attended that meeting, but again to keep the lit of the candle on.

With best regards

Dr. Amin Elhuni,
Director of the Arab Affairs,
Libyan Human Rights Commission, Washington, D.C.

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