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LIBYA: The years of hope
The Memoirs of Mustafa Ahmed Ben-Halim,
former Prime Minister of Libya

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These are the first detailed political memoirs of a former Libyan statesman of the post-independence era be published. Containing hitherto unpublished material and official documents, they provide the most comprehensive insight into the formative years of the modern state of Libya. They give a fascinating account of Libya's political, economic, constitutional and foreign relations development as an independent state.

Mustafa Ahmed Ben-Halim was a key player on the Libyan political scene from 1953 to 1960, and Prime Minister for three years during that period. A controversial politician, he was accused of corruption and variously described as devious and shrewd. His memoirs trace all the major events of that formative, and at times tumultuous, period, offering rare portraits of other key players. His analysis of the character and political record of King Mohammed Idris al-Senussi, Libya's ruling monarch from 1951 to 1969, stands out as the most perceptive and informative.

These memoirs cover the most crucial period of a major oil-producing country, extending over two decades from 1950. Among other issues, they deal with Libya's military treaties and relations with Britain, the United States and France, the 1956 Suez crisis, Libya's role in the Algerian war of independence, and the discovery of oil.

They provide the essential background to understanding the Libya of today, and to the rise to power of Gaddafi's military regime in 1969. They highlight the stark contrast between Libya under the monarchy, and Libya under Gaddafi.

AAS Media Publishers
P O Box 268, South Croydon
Surrey CR2 0EB, England - UK
Fax (44 +) 0181 657 3545

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