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The Libyan National Democratic Grouping
Monday, 30 October, 2000


Even as Qaddafi attempted to construct a barrier of hate and unacceptability against everything connected with Arab unity by distorting its image in theory and in practice, here he is today engaged in the destruction of the distinctive relationships which bind the Libyan people to the peoples of the African equatorial desert, and which hinge on the civilizing role that Libya had the honor of fulfilling through of the Sinoussi call and its repercussions in the propagation of Islam and the strengthening of neighborly ties.

Such has been Qaddafi's conduct since his usurpation of power, when he started to put on the Islamic Arabian apparel in an elegantly presented campaign, with an exterior of truthfulness, sincerity, progress, and constructive endeavor, and an essence of cunning and conspiracy in a procession of destruction and destructiveness that annihilated every promising thing on our own land and around us. In our struggle for unity Qaddafi was divisive; in the furtherance of our aspirations he was destructive; and in the propagation of our beliefs he was suspect!

In face of the feeble image of Qaddafi's regime, the triviality of its content, and the absence of any validity in its existence, he proceeded to search for a formula that would ensure for him the continuance of control on all aspects of political and economic life in Libya at any cost. That was his motive in attempting to drive out Libyans and replace them with people from neighboring countries, taking advantage of their living conditions, in order to establish through them his new state, believing that he had the power to build an empire that was a product of his illusions, hallucinations, and sick imagination, while exploiting the new-corners in the service of his ambitions to retain absolute power. His roast, however, will only be ready when our peoples have burnt out!!

The Libyan National Democratic Grouping, while regretting the loss of life among the Libyans and African immigrants in the recent events in the city of Zawiyah and other locations, gives warning to our brethren in the African countries that Qaddafi's policies sow the seeds of division among us in order to establish his sway over us.

The Qaddafi regime is in a critical dilemma. It is looking for any pretext to prolong its days. The reality is that internal Libyan resistance is continually on the rise, determined to bring down the despotic regime which has perpetrated crimes and corruption for more than three decades.

From another perspective, the Libyan National Democratic Grouping, which values greatly the sacrifices of the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples, gives its blessing to the courageous Intifada of Al Aqsa, which has shaken false Israel to its foundation and enforced the rights of the Palestinian people. The L.N.D.G salutes its heroes who have emerged from the darkness of oppression, and emphasizes the need for similar Intifada's throughout the Arabian homeland, to bring down the Establishment of Despotism which has produced the present official Arab reality, which has stolen our wealth, repressed our peoples, assaulted our dignity, and enabled all else to deprive us of our rights and to plant despair into our spirits, at the present time and in the future!

We salute and highly esteem our men and women who shoulder the burden of their fighting responsibilities in several parts of our homeland Libya, in circumstances of repression, despotism and corruption. We salute and appreciate all courageous fighters who have stood for years and years behind harriers and inside prisons and concentration camps, proudly and magnificently and persistently, in glorious defense and in a heroic struggle for the cause of liberty, democracy, and the rights of man.

                    Long live our people's struggle against oppression!
                    Glory to our noble martyrs!
                    Long live Libya

The Libyan National Democratic Grouping
Sun. October 22, 2000

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