Omar al-Mukhtar Association:
"Jam'iyat Omar al-Mukhtar"

Benghazi's sports team in front of al-Ittihad club building - Tripoli 1943

Left to right: Mohammad Basheer al-Mghairbi,
Ahmed Rafeeq al-Mehdewi and Mahmoud Makhlouf

Basheer al-Se'dawi [right] and Mustafa Ben-Amer

Mahmoud Sobhi [right] and Mohammed Basheer al-Mghairbi

Left to right: Mohammed Basheer al-Mghairbi, Awad al-Ghannai, Tawfeeq al-Madani and al-Ameen al-Dabagheen [Algerian] and Mustafa Ben-Amer

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Pictures and text from:
"Watha'iq Jam'iyat Omar al-Mukhtar"; by: Mohammed Basheer al-Mghairbi
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