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The Black September

Thirty one years have passed and Libya is still surrounded with black. Thirty one years and the Crazed Dog Al Ghadafi, his thugs and his loose off-spring still ravaging our country and squandering our money.

Thirty one years of Misery, Deprivation, Suffering, Oppression, Humiliation…the list is so long. The basic infrastructure collapsed. No education, No proper medical care, actually the latest news I heard from Benghazi confirm that all diseases have spread in the country, Hepatitis C is near an epidemic outbreak, the number of HIV cases exceeds 4.000 case in Benghazi.

I do not want to list all the crimes of Al Ghadafi against the Libyan people because we all know them. All I want to say is Enough is Enough. If we Don’t do something now, we will Not do it later. If we want to get rid of the criminal Al Ghadafi, We should :

1 - Forget our differences and personal feud and Unite.

2 - Everyone of us should do what he/she can do, no matter how small it is.

3 - If you are inside Libya, an anti-Gadafi graffiti on the wall of a school or a hospital or a police station will give the cowards a big blow.

4 - People outside Libya have more chances to do more. We could expose the Criminal Gadafi and his thugs to the world. We should follow them and hunt them everywhere they go. After most of the western countries have resumed relations with the Libyan regime, we can see Ghadafi’s thugs running to the West like little mice. A quick visit to Rome, Paris or London will speak for itself.

5 - Libyans outside Libya can organize daily ( Not monthly) demonstrations in front of the newly-opened embassies all over the world and can organize stay-in strike in front of the UN offices everywhere, as people used to do for Nelson Mendella until he was released.

6 - People outside Libya can help the people inside to expose the tyrant to the world by sending video cameras to document the misery of the people and the violation of the human rights inside Libya.

All what I said can be done at an individual level. One do not need a big budget neither he/she needs too many people.
Please my People, please Ya Shabab Bladi, please Ya Banaat Bladi, please all of you old and young, men and women, Let Us Unite , to End Our Plight.

Reem El-Badia

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