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To Huda

I acknowledge and indeed proud of your contributions and your encouragement in expressing, assessing and exposing the current Libyan regime and your insist in focusing in Libyan political system and the need for a change in Libya in which in my opinion is necessary and overdue. I also acknowledge "in your latest letter" your emphasis on the respect and the recognition of each other including Imazighen in Libya and their basic human rights and all the issues surrounding it from education to media and from history to their rights in political and cultural activities. However, I wanted to clarify and comment on several issues that I felt are important not just to me as a Libyan Amazighi, but I think they are also important for every Libyan citizen to know. (And by the way the combination of GH in the word Amazigh is pronounced the same as in the city of "Gherian")

1. You said: " Berber's request/ demand for the recognition….". Huda, Imazighen in North Africa and particularly in Libya are not "requesting" or "demanding" as these terminology setout and what they meant, but and even they are…. What are they requesting? and from who? (Faqed alshai la yu'teeh). Imazighen, I think, opposing and insisting on the complete stop of their denial and the ignorance of their identity and culture by calling them Arabs by a punch of Arabists. Imazighen refusing to be suppressed and ignored as a matter of equal opportunity if it is still existed? Imazighen are not requesting from others to hand them their rights in a pie of cake. Imazighen are working to gain their rights by themselves without permission or allowance from any one. Just freedom that's all!

2. You said: "Libyan Berber erupts".. Huda, the Amazigh cause and their volcano struggle for their identity and existence was erupted long ago, from the dawn of history, and it is ongoing since then. Sometimes the intensity of the eruption is strong enough so you "Huda" can feel it and hear about it, specially now days with the communication technologies, and some other times it is less noticeable and less intense, but the main issue is still exist and can not be denied.

3. Now we come to the real issue "The change"… You said: "are we as Libyans, Arabs and non-Arabs ready for this? Can we handle the change?…etc". Well Huda, the fact that, in recent history of the Libyan National cause and its unity, tells us that, we "as Libyans" are still have to do a lot of work and complete our homework in order for us to get to the level of unity and collaboration for our National cause. Between these lines, Imazighen in Libya have played a remarkable role in working towards better future in Libya, their contribution, as responsible society, was astonishing and can not be denied when it comes to the national cause. Imazighen in Libya fulfilled their duties (and still will) with complete sincerity and complete solidarity for one objective, which is "Libya". However, Imazighen, in my opinion, are still (and will be) refusing to work hand on hand with their denialists and their oppressors, does not matter whether they are with the current regime or opposite. I.e. to me personally, there will be NO difference (as you may see there is) between a Libyan opposition member like "Arabi Libi Muslim" and his views
( ) and any Gaddafi's regime gang member. To me they are both in the same boat and heading towards the same objective. I always wonder why they both oppose each other? And for what? Is it for the Kursi? Imazighen, never, never think and work that way. In my opinion again, Imazighen's boat is different and I do not care who would drive that boat as long as it heads towards the right direction! In other words, Imazighen will work hand on hand with their fellow Libyan brothers for the National cause "The change" once and only once their denials, suppression, freedom and their future views on their country are met. By leaving this issue in the open, there will be a bigger chance that after Gaddafi era Libya will be ruled by another figure(s) with own similar book just different color.

4. You said: "Gaddafi's issue being the first/ major problem"… I say, seemingly, If I focus on Gaddafi from a personal level I will be another Saddam! The problem is not Gaddafi personally, as it is his practices and views on things surrounding him. I agree that he will never change and that is why the focus should be to eliminate him from the Kursi and ruling Libya in person, but the bigger issue is the practices and the political agenda of his. This will apply in a similar fashion to his successor(s) (weather Amazighi, Arabi, Black,…etc), their practices, agendas and views on the future of Libya, this is the heart of the problem and the real issue for Imazighen. Between these lines, I acknowledge your saying "We should target Gaddafi and his policies" However, prioritizing this issue over others including the Amazigh cause in Libya, is not going to work effectively and efficiently. Also, the criteria should be set in prioritizing what issue over the other is the responsibility of Libyan intellectuals! Which brings us to my last point.

5. If you refer the discussion of the Libyan Amazigh cause as a "division" ..You have to excuse me to say that you are wrong. In the actual facts, acceptance, respect and understanding of each other's views and causes is essential part of our integration as Libyan society and in this respect I refer you to the letter of Abdulrahim Salah:
( ) and
( )
As I thank him in putting this together.

Thanks Huda

Shishanq S.

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