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There is hell and there is heaven in this country

I write today and I know that I might be going out of our topic, but just to reply to the letter titled (Welcome to Jahannam) by Alebe.

I could not understand your frustration because I live in North America too and I do not go all the way to call it Jahannam, simply because about 25 milion Moslims live in North America and they like it.

I like to live in a place where I could plan for tomorrow, I like to be free to choose where I want to be today, tomorrow or the next year, I like to talk, to speak my mind and that is forbidden in some countries I also see some kind of racism yet not as much as in any Arab or Moslim country, I certainly do not see any slavery in North America, simply because if you do not like what you do, you can easily leave and look for another job, and as for murder and rape, certainly we have our share in the Arab and Moslim World.

Drugs unfortunately are every where nowadays, pornography; we have that since the 70's in Libya, and as for fake democracy, well, certainly itís the best democracy anywhere on the planet.

And as for the land run by the Zionists, I think you are exaggurating a bit, but even if they do, they deserve it they work hard to get it and you can not complain, its a lot better then a land run by Dictators like the one's we have in the Moslim World, at least you can have a life where you are free to leave any time and nobody will call you a stray dog or a trator.

And regarding your claim that the law always supports women, this statement is debatable, and you can prove other wise, if you fight it in the justice system. Nuclear power plant next to your door, you could always move away. The land where there is lots of money but its in the hands of 20% of its citizens, I do not believe that you said that, Libya is a rich country yet nobody have money but a few people.

I know I could go on and on, you can not criticize a country that gives you a home away from home, a country that won't stop you from practicing your religion, a country where it allows you to say what you are saying in your letter and would respect your views.

My friend; there is hell and there is heaven in this country but it is up to the individual to choose and it is up to you and me to make it, we have opportunities that we never had in our home, you can be rich or poor or you can work from 4am to 8pm or you can only work for few hour if you want, IT'S UP TO YOU.

Certainly there is more pressure on the kids but it is up to you as a parent to decide how to bring them up, no body will force the Green Book on them, nobody would force them to hate others, nobody would force their values on them.

You talk about homosexuality like it never existed in Libya or in the Moslim World, the only difference is that it is out in the open in the West but we hide it very well in the Moslim World, especially in Libya; we either deny it or ignore it, but it does exist.

Why don't you be positive and look at the bright side, the good things about the U.S.A., that you have right now, and wish the new comers a good life.

I think they deserve an opportunity to make up their mind about LIFE in the U.S.A., give them a chance to make a good life for themselves and wish them the best of luck in their new home.

Life can be interesting if you look at the bright side, there are enough challenges in life without your negativity.

This is a free country; Love it or Hate it, but I am certainly not complaining.



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