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The African Union; Another Disaster

As we are getting close to the final dreams of Gadafi we almost feel that Gadafi days are numbered. He is in high spirit as all the African leaders will be in Sirt and he is dreaming to enter the history from an open door which no one will close it after him. I wonder how much the African leaders including the Arabs believe in what Gadafi planning. All Gadafi want is unlimited publicity and to be mentioned in every African media very widely. Gadafi's disease is publicity

All of Gadafi's work built on false publicity and false propaganda. As he always wants to be known leader so he will do and pay anything for this publicity. The African leaders including the Arabs will realize sooner or later that the steps taken by Gadafi to unify Africa is only false dream. He is spending whatever needed to get his dream through. Libyans has no say for these matters as he classified them as illiterate people . He misunderstood Libyans all these years and they are far better than him. There are many intellectuals who if given chances will keep Libya's reputation higher and higher. Time will come and Libyans will prove to Gadafi or to his ElTawerian and his family, that Libya is more important than the African Union.

There is one question need to be answered about this propaganda about the African Union: What is the benefit from this union?
I will tell Mr Gadafi all the possible answers:
-- All Libyan money will be spent on African nations without any return.
-- Libya will go backward in her development as there is nothing the African leaderscan offer to the Libyans.
-- Libya will suffer great deal on all aspects, economic, political, and social.
-- Libyan will pay too much for this union.
-- There will be no exchange of any experiences in any field.
-- Africa is very rich in natural resources, but what can we do with these natural resources if no one use them and has no money to make them effective.

It is another disaster for Libyans but African leaders, not the African people, will benefit form this. If all the money which was spent on this propaganda was spent on health system in Libya, what will happen; Libya will be having the highest standard of health services and education and agriculture. Look to all Gadafi dreams starting with the green book, Gamahiria, Mutamarat, Kamunat, man made river and finally the African Union. All these dreams cost Libyans a lot of money and we suffered quiet big deal from this. With his false ideas and false planning, Libya is among the worst nations in health, education , human right and public services.

As every people learned lessons, Libyans knew from the beginning but have not done anything to take it away. We watched from distance and now we talk about it and write a lot against the regime. As soon as we found a chance we open our mouths but against each other. There was and there is a lot of opportunity to tell people about Libyans suffering but that was not done. This web site is very good opportunity but we are still using it to prove to the world that Gadafiís mother is Jewish, or Gadafiís family is spending all the money. It is time to target our writings and let the people know that Libya is hijacked by Gadafi. Our rich culture, intellectual people, students and journalist are still sleeping. The most hated thing Gadafi hates is writing about facts and get the facts to the people. The first thing he did in 1973 in Zuara was to eliminate anything linked to education, media and intellectual people. So these days he is doing this again by telling all young people to go and live in America or Europe. He destroyed the educational system in Libya and he wants to empty the country from any one telling the truth.

The African propaganda is another nightmare for Libyans and another chapter that Gadafi has opened. This time ElTawerian are watching from distance and it is too much for them. Their dreams are to serve Gadafi and keep away from Gadafi's Family.

God bless Libya and the Libyans.

Eid Mubarak


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