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Regarding the almost downfall of the Libyan Opposition Groups

I would like to put some points regarding the almost downfall of the Libyan Opposition Groups outside Libya, specially at this time when the Libyan people in and outside Libya need them the most, in particular the National Front For The Salvation of Libya.

The NFSL was formed by some of the best individuals outside Libya in the early 80's. After all these years the situation with the NFSL at its worst because of the following facts, also if I may suggest the suitable rectifications.

1 - Dr Magariaf and few more have formed the NFSL and from day one he got control of everything , donations, political relations, information, connections with Libyans inside Libya ...etc, he became the sole runner of the organization, also he has a lot of relations he kept to himself, and that made him the centre of everything.

2 - Dr Magariaf underestimated the members and their intelligence and experience, and as the time to liberate Libya took long time, the cracks within the organization began to appeare, resulted in a number of group resignations and a lot of disputes within the NFSL.

3 - The Libyan regime knew at early stage the mentality of Dr Magariaf, so they diverted his attention and made him concentrate on minor topics, leaving the major ones.

4 - The Libyan regime threatened all wealthy Libyans outside Libya to stop donating, drying the financial sources of the NFSL, knowing that Dr Magariaf can not stand much on his luxurious hi spending life style.

5 - Most of the resignations were not because of the NFSL relations e.g. ( with the US, Iraq ...etc ) and they were not because of the future strategy of the NFSL, but only because of Dr Magariaf acts towards them and their companions, because of his family strong relations with the dictator regime in Libya (...) and the rest of his (...) in Libya, specially after ( Abdallah Elsanoussi) recruited all of them, because of his (...) affairs in London, and also because of his connections with the regime which the regime had successfully achieved via his son in low (...), who has secured this connection on his secret visit to Tripoli in early 1998, also via Mr (...) ( so called ) cousin based in Germany and Dubai, and Chief Executive of a Libyan Company in London, because of all these, Libyans left the NFSL.

6 - I suggest the immediate resignation of Dr Magariaf, he should be replaced by some one of the high committee of the NFSL who could lead the nationalist organization because we all love the NFSL and we are a generation grew with it and it has the most shining pages of the Libyan struggle against the Libyan dictator regime ( with all the respect to the other opposition groups we wish them all the best for Libya.)

Best Regards

Dr Yousef

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