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To F. M.

Mr F. M.
Peace upon you too.

I really liked your comment because it told me a lot about you. I am not playing God [wa el eyatho bellahi.] I am a human like you and I make mistakes like you and all other humanity but I repent at all times What I wanted to stress here is that we tried the policy of tolerance to the Libyan " monafeqeen." We accomodated them, fed them, played with them and admonished them but to no avail. They keep going to haram. What should we do? Leave Libya to the sinful secular libyans " monafeqeen" or do Jihad to purify the Libyan society. What does the Qoran say to us about this ... Jihad or humiliation ... Right!

When I Said Sharia or Jahannam I meant if you oppose Allah [SWT] and his prophet [SAW] your fate is Jahannam; that is in the Quran ... Right! So choose now: which political party you want ? Those who call for Arabism , Bathism , Nationalism , Western Style Democracy or the Sharia which leads you to the Jannah.

People are afraid from Sharia because they have sins .. Right! Many people have made mistakes because of lack of spiritual guidance. Ask yourself: how often do you pray in the mosque? How often do you wake up at night and do Tahajjud prayer or pray for Libya to be better. Do you pray Juma all the times ... how often do you visit your Muslim friends to see if they are ok.

Sharia encourages love and mercy between people, do not be afraid of it. you will only be beheaded if you kill somebody, do Zina while married or spread evil in the society like drugs or rape. Cutting the hand is only if you are addicted to theft after excluding 9 reasons to theft.

If you are engaged in evil right now STOP immediately, take a shower, put on clean clothes and head to the mosque and pray two Raqaas asking Allah [SWT] for tawba and forgivness; sincerely stop:

- Alcohol
- Drugs
- Smoking
- Nightclubs
and keep away from unlawful women; get married if you were single

Death is around the corner any time and you or me will go in a blink of an eye and meet Allah [SWT].

If you have plenty of extra time, take courses in a college or university or spend your time in the mosque with good Muslims or with your family

Do not leave the house after sunset except to join Esha prayer. Teach your children Quran in your extra time, teach them hadith and Islamic adab and do not associate with evil Libyans or Secular Monafeqeen, leave them to continue their journey to hell. Associate with people who have faith and pray 5 times a day and start talking and end talking with the word Asslamoalaikom and bismillahi.

For our Libyan sisters: wear hijab or niqab, be modest, respect your husband [unless he is evil] and dress up to your ankles and wrists. Do not cut your eyebrows it is haram, the prophet [SAW] cursed the women who shave the lower part of their eyebrows [called namisat.] Pray 5 times a day and save your husband's wealth and obey him as long as he give you your rights which is good care, love and respect.

Educate yourself in your extra time instead of sitting and talking about others, breed as much as you can to increase the Muslim ummah. Honor your guests and look after your house and kids and avoid being in the shops every day, the prophet said that the shaitan prosper in markets and hate mosques. Go to the mosque and attend doros [classes] gatherings, food gatherings and deen classes to strengthen your iman and protect your house from evil

Our American sisters who are married to Libyans: learn more, get more books from the mosque and learn more; Allah loves you and will grant you paradise. Live according to the Sharia and dress islamicaly.

Allah bless you all ... ameen


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