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Fawzi, Be Clear and Fair

Dear Fawzi

I find it very difficult to bring your different ideas, written in your articles, together. This is obviously partly because of:

* The contradiction in what you believe and in what you write. For example, you appeared to me an anti-religion person but sometimes you use religion to explain your ideas or use it to defend yourself. So please be clear and consistent.

* Mixing the real picture and purity of Islam and ongoning political system in Libya. The libyan regime isn't an Islamic system.

* Intentional or unintentional lack of knowledge about Islam and history. For example you demoralized the beatuy of Islam but praised the French revolution which is considered by some wise western writers as the major element which contributed and still contributing to misrey and pain of human beings. So please be fair and separate the anomaly from the norm.

I have been reading your contributions on this page for a considerable period of time since you started writing on this page and I have noted that you didn't show any respect to not only Islam but to Allah (SWT) and his prophets (PUH). Why do you hate them so much. What is your problem with them!!!!?

Obviously you are not the person that is capable to answer questions about Islam because you are anti-Islamic and your aim is not to give clear and pure answer but instead to put doubts about Islam. For example; ( if it true and my gut feeling that these are made by your sick mind to humilitate Islam):

* The Swiss muslim lady (Aysha and not Eisha!!) raised the question "Is Allah a sadistic who loves to kill his creation." If you were a genuine person you could answer the question very easily and rectify this lady's thinking rather than humilitating Islam and suggesting to this lady to go to the place where she became a Muslim to get an answer to her question. The answer to this lady's question is very simple and is present in the Quran if you read it or have read it at all before.

* The Christian man raised the issue that Shahada is similar to the Christian doctrine about God. That is really a joke.

I extremely doubt these stories and similar ones that came up in previous contributions. I strongly believe that these are fabrications from your mind just to support your false arguments. So borthers reading this page be careful from the poison.

Just to correct the term "fear God"; it is in use in the English language.

Would you be kind enough to give me clarification on the following:

* What religion do you believe in?

* Why do you want to know the real names of peoples who oppose your ideas. Is it necessary to known their background so that you can understand them and their questions and ideas. For example Brother Ahmed Abdallah has written a fantastic and logical replay based on facts which by itself gives a pretty good idea of his background and indicated that he is a competent person in his field although he declared his background briefly in between the lines of his report. Is that not enough for you to understand peoples' minds ?!!!!!!!!

* Why didn't you apply for a Swiss nationality?

You have been adviced before by other peoples on this page to read what you write prior to releasing it to the public and my advice to you is to energize your mind first before you use your pen.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Good luck


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