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The Libyans Will Survive

After a long disappearance from the political theatre we see Eltawerian coming back. The signal came from Gadafi as he does not want to be seen as the angry leader. Mr ElShawesh, Mr Shalgam and Mr ElZwai talk about Lockerbie which they are not allowed to talk about. They have crossed the red line and forgot to take permission from Gadafi. He always wants to be the hero for every thing and no one above him. He is the only one who can make decisions and he likes to endorse every thing.

This time, these three gentlemen went far beyond expectations and there is a prise to pay for their mistakes. Of course Gadafi will not say they have done mistakes but he can order Eltawerian to start their old barking phrases. These three gentlemen are not very prominent Tawerian but they are politicians and brought to this goverment as a compromise and to show to the world that militant Tawerian are not the main political drive in Libya. ElTawerian wanted all the time to be the closest to the leader even closer than his family. These days Gadafi is very disturbed and he wants an exit to the Lockerbie problem. He does not want any other scenarios. He feels that, if any one convicted then he will be the next. He will do every thing to stay in power even to go back to his old habbits. In these circumstances the only people who will support him are ElTawerian. Gadafi has no allies except ElTawerian and some of his relatives. As this situation is very sensitive, the only people who can do the job very well, are ElTawerian. In the last 2-3 years, they have been kept in darkness and a lot of them felt been betrayed and some of them even went further by sliping away.

Eltawerian in these days feel something different from the last three years. Today and every day since the verdict about Lockerbie, Eltawerian emerged as the powerful people who can protect the leader and defend him against the American and the British. The three gentlemen Mr ElShawesh, Mr Shalgam and Mr ElZwai are becoming the scapegoat for Gadafi's anger. The best people to do the job are ElTawerian and the losers will be Mr ElShawesh, Mr Shalgam and Mr ElZwai.

ElTawerian feel very sorry for Gadafi as he started new war with the west. February 2001 is the most difficult month in Gadafi's life. The French judge will look into the UTA case again on 28/02/2001, the Lockerbie case, and the African union dream which will be shattered and no one wants to join especially after the events which led to 50 Africans killed in Libya as protest from Libyans. The leader need moral support more than anything else and he wants to blame someone. The only way to do it is to find these people, Mr ElShawesh, Mr Shalgam and Mr ElZwai and USA and UK are far away and no one will listen to him. He has to find something locally. For Lockerbie he said he will deliver important message on 5/2/2001 and no one is believing what he is saying. For his anger and moral support, Eltawerian find a reason for this and to tell the leader you are everything and do not worry about Mr ElShawesh, Mr Shalgam and Mr ElZwai. They are talking nonsense and your say is the only one. For the African union, he started persecuting Libyans and some of them may be executed.

Inside and outside Libya, every one believe that Gadafi will pay whatever the American and British want. He does not care about any penny as long as he is the man in power. He paid the French and they still want to interrogate him and he will pay the American and British and they will not be satisfied until he goes or died or brought to justice. Gadafi is more worried than before and he thinks by paying millions of dollars he will be left alone. By paying this money logically he admitted that he is responsible for what happened and according to the law he should be prosecuted. Gadafi does not want this to happen to him or to his family. He will do everything to cut a deal that if he pay the money he will be left alone. This is very tough choice but Gadafi will not be battered as the money is not his money. He will invent reasons and ask people for support. Gadafi will go and ask Libyans by contribute two or three month salary to pay the American and the British. He is already sacarified Mr ElShawesh, Mr Shalgam and Mr ElZwai as the outlawed people who can not speak with people's voice. The decision is his and not by Mr ElShawesh, Mr Shalgam and Mr ElZwai.

After the departure of Mr ElShawesh, and Mr Shalgam Gadafi will try the last hope for him to cut a deal with the American and the British. He will bring one of the most prominent westernised man who worked with him and against him. The new jockey will be Mr AbdulMneum ElHuoni. He is the man for the job who will save Gadafi's empire from collapsing. The Americans trust ElHuoni and as far as Gadafi there is no problem about money and there is not any other reason not to appoint ElHuoni as the prime minister of Libya if this will save Gadafi from being prosecuted.

The Libyan people at the end will suffer whatever the outcome. If Gadafi paid the money, the salaries will not be paid , the education, the health and the public services will be effected badly. This will not prevent Elsa'dy from paying large sums of money to his personal trainer, the El-ahly Manger and to travel whereever he wants with his football hooligans. This will not affect Aisha and her lovely dog. She will be happy to cut number of people who are looking after this dog. Seif is already a millionaire and his idea of investment will be kept alive and his tigers will not be hungry. The other members will also continue spending and emptying what is left. The African union and the African leaders will not stop landing and visit Gadafi every time they are passing by. The only and only suffers are the Libyans. They are already poor, no health system and patients go to Tunisia and Jordan for treatment. I wonder how is the medical science look like in Tunisia and Jordan who are among the worst in the world. The schools are very badly maintained and teachers are not in good conditions. Their salaries are not paid and by this disaster they will not be paid for longer time. I am not going to talk about every thing which is been covered in the past by many colleagues. The end result will be a disaster for Libyans whatever the outcome.

I go back to ElTawerian who will have very flashing period. They are now very busy preparing many slogans and lists. The 7th of April is on its way and the recent events will make Eltawerian very happy as they are wakeup from coma. This time is the most important time for them to survive against the Gadafi's family. If ElTawerian succeeded in lifting Gadafi's moral up, they will be in a strong position. The arrival of Mr ElHuoni will not be good news for them. If any thing happen it will happen before Mr ElHuoni's arrival. However, it is not an easy period for ElTawerian, to survive they have to do something. They are already started by trying to undermined, what was said by Mr ElShawesh, Mr Shalgam and Mr ElZwai. This will make Gadafi happy and give him some confidence in himself. The next step is to try to prevent Mr ElHuoni from becoming prime minister. The last thing they may do or suggest is to keep the African union alive, Gadafi must convict people who tried to stop this from happening. They may execute few people to show the Africans that Gadafi idea will go forward and even Libyan people been scarified for this to stay alive.

The questions:
Are ElTawerian back on the theatre of politics and violence?
Would Gadafi be a victim of ElTawerian or the West?
Would Mr ElHuoni take over and Gadafi will be pushed away?
What is the position of Gadafi family in this struggle?
Will the return of ElHuoni to the prime ministery position encourage the other opposition groups to go back to Libya?
Would it be possible for Gadafi to be prosecuted in France , or in America, or in UK, or in Libya?

I hope and I wish to all Libyans not to suffer anymore and I pray to my god every day that Gadafi will go and leave us alone and to leave Libya to the Libyans. No doubt and in every one mind that Gadafi is the man who destroyed Libya's picture, Libyans dignity, and Libyans ambitions.

God bless Libya and the Libyans.


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