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How Much is Gaddafi and Family (STOLEN) Fortune ???
Could you tell Ya HAMID!!!???

Again, I found myself extremely melancholic and ever so to read the letter, which was, enclosed by S. F. Hamid illustrating to us a very precise percentages distribution and full accounts of Mr. Ben Halim private dealing and businesses. I have been pondering whether Mr. Hamid was close partner, close business associate, accountant, or he is high ranking intelligent officer in CIA, MOSAD, KJB, etc. I am sure all the readers of this page are living in suspense and inquisitive enough to share with me the need of all the documented references which Mr. Hamid extracted to be well identified and probably accredited to their genuine resources. After all the letter contains factual figures and as we all Libyans know that only the elite who are either sponsored by the current regime from the monitory point of you or those who are collaborators to our suppressed regime may have access to such secretive information.

By all counts, I am not trying to vehemently defend Mr. Ben Halim, under any circumstances I am sure Mr. Ben Halim is capable of doing it himself. However, Mr. Hamid confesses from the first statement in his letter that he did not watch all the series of Mr. Ben Halim in the Jazeirah TV. So, How can he be so judgmental I keep asking myself !!!???

The covert interviews which was given by Mr Ben Halim captivated all the viewers all over the world and more specifically the Libyan people who have been victimized and bullied by the regime either externally (abroad) or internally (inside Libya). We all know as Libyans the difficult suffering, hardship, impoverishment, education doctorine, lack of social services, lack of health provision and so on and so forth the Libyan people have been experiencing over the last three decades or more precisely since “Megalomaniac revolution”.

I must say that Ben Halim perceived himself though out his interviews to be very impartial, professional in his approach, shroud in his thinking, skillful in his delivery and succinct in his criticism of the economic situation in Libya as well as the transitional period, which the country experienced since independence.

I and I refer to myself as one of five million Libyans who happened to be lucky enough to live and witness all the changes which accrued in Libya during the Kingdom or under the sad and catastrophic revolution was captivated and watched all the serial interviews declare that the full interview account was extremely precise and fully explained the two era's of Libya's since it gained its independence.

Before I made my judgment I can only express my view like many other Libyans after studying a lot of books and watching my country to be sabotaged, espionaged, ruled with an iron fist policy by gang and pundits who lacked education and deprived even from their actual senses to exercise all forms of torture against their own indigenous people.

We do not need to watch any TV or read any E-mails like yours in the internet to be able to comprehend what goes inside the country with all its depleted resources and the damages beyond description, economy which has been inflected against the Libyans at large.

We cannot deny that Mr. Ben Halim was courageous enough to have delved deep to the history of Libya with very vivid memory relating to all the historical events and changes experienced by the country up to our current affairs.

How can you (Hamid) defend and justify the exploitation of our natural resources which has been shared among revolutionary elites and the rest of the Libyan people are dying and even immigrating abroad looking for their bread and butter in order to subsist?

How can you even have the cheek to talk about the country when you are trying to conceal all the facts from the readers.?

How can you be so hypocritical in your views, sympathetic to the regime, impetuous in your approach and very judgmental to even talk about Libya!!!!!??????

We must bear in mind that people like you should not have an access to such civilized technology.

Have you ever thought that in order to help our brothers and sisters in Libya we must form a helping hand to our people either in Libya or abroad by making informative campaigns of knowledge in order to keep them up to date with all the events occurring in Libya.

All the information pooled in the interviews by Mr Ben Halim may be considered as an asset to young original Libyan generation, the Libyan people who are subsisting under the occupied and stolen Libya, and to modern contemporary Libyan history.

Such valuable information has been distorted by present regime who claims that the MUFAKKER father was a MUJAHAD!!???, and by people like Hamid who his name indicates to be a nationalized citizen from the Western part of Egypt, and does not know the actual history of our country Libya, and did not even have the chance to learn the Libyan history from the interviews.

By the way, It has been confirmed by positive resources that the regime is losing the upper hand over the honest Libyans. In turn as last resources the regime has been initiating is to reward people like you Hamid with Libyan Citizenship. You may recall if you are old enough, the nationalization process, which the current regime has been undertaken since 1974 under the leadership of Major Idris Al-Shahiabi, that Office was called in Arabic ( The SAD SHEEN office) after he failed to recruit genuine Libyans in his intelligence and security services.

I would like to reiterate to all the readers once again that I am not trying under any account to defend Mr Ben Halim but it is truly my once evaluation of such remarkable interviews from a native Libyan who lived both periods.

We wish we have the other living prime ministers of Libya to do the same as Mr. Ben Halim, also we do not mind listening to MAJOR Abdul Monem El-Houni’s opposition and correction plans.

Ahmed Al-Sadig

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