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Remembering the 7th of April

Every one has good things and bad things to remember. The good thing I always remember is the happiness of my family when all my brothers and sisters passed their exams. The bad thing I always remember is the 7th of April and pictures of students dangling from the hanging robes with cold bodies. I hope and I wish no one may see those pictures ever again. It was very hard time between 1976 and 1990. During that time and all the time Gadafi used his way of punishing students. He destroyed any democratic elected student union. He killed innocent students who supported him when he took power in 1969 and then he turned his back on them and started giving them hard time. Gadafi first victims was students and the last victims will be students. Gadafi is afraid of the Libyan students and he does not like confrontation with them. But, unfortunately, these days the students are demoralised and can not raise their voices or even talk about Gadafi. Everyone is afraid that he may be hanged in universities squares or taken away for a holiday in Abusleem prison for 7 or 10 years. For how long we have not heard about student uprising in Libya or even anyone confronted Gadafi. As I said in my previous letters that Gadafi lost interest to lecture students as no one is confronting him as before or understands what Gadafi wants to do bad or good for Libya.

The seventh of April is a dark day for students and Libyans. I was in the university when Gadafi special force entered the Garyounis University and later started shooting and terrorizing students. El-Magdoub was the commander of the special force who tried to stop the student uprising. In Midan ElShajara he also was their giving instructions to the army to crush the student movement. AbdulFattah Younis also was there ordering troops to stand firm and not to let students get away . Those were very memorable days and students were marching in Benghazi streetsand the feeling was very high. After that year ,Eltawerian become the driving force in both universities and 7 April is a day of revenge from all students in Libya by Gadafi and his ElTawerian. They were very miserable days and we were expecting one of our colleagues who was taken on suspicious of doing something. We were expecting that he will be the next victim of Gadafi hanging robes. The next day ElTawerian voices were muffed and their faces looked like of those who were in a battle. They shouted and bunched the air for hours and hours and that is why they lost their voices. Those were very sad days for everyone. Since April 1976 students lost their credibility as a force in Libya. Gadafi played very dirty game with students and he is wining the game. This will not last as the students power is there and one day the fire will start again. The only force that may drive Gadafi out is the student power and determination. Many great leaders and super powers were brought down by students. Worst fear that Gadafi has is from the students. He is trying very hard to suppress them but he will face failure very soon.

These days Gadafi is living in a safe mode. Students are in a weak position as ElTawerian controlling the universities and there are more intelligence service men than students in schools. The rest are females, more than 50% of the total number of students. I am sure the first spark will come from female students as they are suffering more than their male colleagues.

We should not forget the 7th of April and many names like Dabboub, Ben Saoud, Bayodh, etc.. Also, let us not forget the families who lost their children who are still in Gadafi's prisons. We should not forget the damages done to education by Gadafi and ElBahim. We should work together to get rid of this cancer from Libya. All students should wake up and stand firm to Gadafi. We scarified many lifes but we need to do more. I, you and everyone have the responsibility to help students and get more behind them. We should not let another 7 April happen again. We do not want another mother to suffer and bad pictures to be remembered. ElTawerian will not be able to do it any more as they are been overpowered by Gadafi family. ElTawerian are struggling to get recognition from the community and from Gadafi. One day Gadafi will bring them to court and they will be persecuted for their crimes in the Libyan universities.

ElMarad who is hiding in his pot will appear again and say let us forget and forgive. We do not mind forgiving but we will never forget. No one will forget the pictures of fellow students hanging in university squares. No mother or father, or friend will forget and forgive Gadafi and ElTawerian for what they have done to their beloving sons or friends.

Elmared, Fouad and AbuMusaab: if it were your own brothers who were hanged in universities squares for their right of freedom of speech; would any of you forgive and forget ?!

Good bless Libya and the Libyan students .


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