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Gaddafi's Interview On Dubai's Sattelite Channel

Hello Readers,

Today, Gaddafi had a mo’tamar Sahafi/live interview on Dubai’s Satellite Channel for over two hours. This person hasn’t learned anything from the past thirty odd years he has been in power. He started by saying: I am not a diplomat nor am I a politician, “ mani siyasi wa la diblomasi.” This time he didn’t say I am not a president of a country, but I still don’t know on what authority he was addressing the world. Anyway, as our khaliji friends would say: ma 'alaina, let’s see what this guy had to say or offer the world.

He started off by giving a historical background of the world powers since long time ago, and how these powers have changed over time and the reasons for their change. He ended up his introduction by saying that those world powers have ended and the world now is divided into small countries, dowal Qaowmiya/wataniya, in which the latter is going to dissolve too into what he called Fada’at or spaces and not fada’yat. One of which would be alfada al'efriqi or the African space of which (my guess is) he would be the president. Therefore, wa bena’an 'alaihi, laqad enta-ha 'asre addaowla alwatania. There is no Libya any more; we have no need to think about Libya’s future (his words). We should be looking at the new world order and the new world map to include such terms as the African Space, alfada al'efriqi wa fada Amrica allatinia (Latin America) and fada almoheet alhindi, etc.

His crumpled philosophy goes on to disclose that the countries of the middle east will dissolve because they do not belong to any spaces or fada’at; and therefore, they have to belong to an already existing fada’ and that’s the Fada Al'efriqi. He goes on to say that the reason behind his visit to some Arab countries later last year was mo’tamar Barcelona. He was trying to convince those Arab countries of his theory and also trying to convince them to join the Untied States of Africa before it is too late.

On a different note, he mentioned that defense strategies in the world have changed. “Each country should be able to defend itself not through its organized army but through ash-sha'ab almosallah. The organized army forces have no value whatsoever. Blind obedience of the army personnel to their superiors is non-existent. People should defend themselves.” If one wants to comment about this nonsense, one would bring up how this particular person came to power, how he kept the power, and who is ruling Libya now if it is not him (an army personnel) and the rest of the army gang?

He also said that if the world will continue the way it is right now with super powers and small/weak countries being controlled by other more powerful countries there will be Fawda (unrest) and Ghawgha'yia. He cited the green book by saying: After 'asre aljamohoriyat and after 'asre eljamaheer there will be 'asre alfowda, this is the “prophecy” of the green book. He had the indecency to say that the “prophecy” of the green book is coming sooner or later “la mahala.” Any logical person would say that this is exactly what is going on in Libya today, hamajia wa fawda wa 'ashwa’ia.

One can tell that his biggest concern/the thorn in his side is the USA. He ended his speech by threatening the super powers by saying that if the world doesn’t listen to us, we are going to discipline them “han’adebhum wa nahzemhum, his words.” This could be done by viruses, electronic and biological, or by producing counterfeit ($) money "tazweer addolar" to dismantle the World Bank.

He also went on to say that oppressed people would find solutions to their problems by revolting “bettamarrod” against their oppressors. According to his green book, the ultimate solution if everything else fails is the people’s dictatorship “dictatoriyat sha'bia _ lijan sha'bia tomares (practices) eddektatoria, alqiayda ash-sha'bia tomares eddektatoriya, etc” ...... Et-hebb tefhim eddoukh.

My take on the above mambo jumbo he said is this:

1 -   Over the past thirty odd years, he has failed to do what he wanted to do to change the world according to his whims. No body gives a fig about his green book or the third universal theory. We have tried it in Libya and it failed miserably. He tried terrorism, bribing other countries, twisting arms, and what have you and all has failed simply because it had no basis. Now he turned his attention to the United States of Africa and his new strategy would be fighting the superpowers through the poor African nations. They need his money for their poor countries and they know that there is no other idiot/fool who will give them freely what they want except Gaddafi. So, the African nations are willing to feed Gaddafi craziness/hunger for power in return of money to overcome what problems they have. Gaddafi is going to conquer the world (or so he thinks) through the United States of Africa.

2 -   All his talks about oppressed people are logical for someone who is not Libyan. It makes sense when you are not a Libyan or living in Libya. But for us who know exactly what Gaddafi says and what he means, it borders on the hysterics. If Gaddafi knows so much about oppressed people and the need to salvage the oppressed, why doesn’t he start with his people? Why doesn’t he start at home where it counts? If he believes that the future and power is in the hands of science/knowledge/technology, why can’t he upgrade the education system of his own country and produce Libyan scientists.

3 -   If he believes in “mabda al'ehtewa badal almojadala” why can’t he start with his own people? Why would he interfere with Sudan’s different factions to bring peace to Sudan and forgets about his own people? Can’t he see the double standard?

4 -   Gool 'ala Libya assalam. According to his speech today, there is no more Libya or future for Libya. No wonder this guy was on a speedy course of action to deteriorate the country of its resources, human or otherwise. He had an agenda and he was on task.

5-   Every now and then he will reverse to the green book or one of its maqolat to make a point. This made me say endoroo endoroo wa'shana fool. Meaning nothing good will ever come out of this. And if this is the case, one of the green book saying is: la siayada wa la horriya le sha'b ya’kol min wara albahr, what does this tell us about Libya’s Gaddafi?

6 -   This is a quick review of the live interview/speech of Gaddafi. There is more to this live report. I urge people to see it or read its content just to see to what extent this guy, for his own selfish purposes, is willing to go to dissolve/yamhi Libya off the face of the world.


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