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Victory for Libya

Elsalam aliekum Dr Ibrahim:

I would like to raise an issue that all Libyans should consider before writing any statement, I know I am guilty of the same problem, some time I write or comment on some issues with an anger and end up insulting other people.

To be clearer: even our politicians in Libya and most of the Middle Eastern countries some times make comments or answer questions without thinking about where does their answer is going to lead them.

I would like to advice my Libyan brothers and sisters: just to think and understand the situation before getting into a no end situation. Even when we criticize the Libyan leadership or the Libyan government, we have to tackle the circumstances with a calm attitude, where we show professionalism and leadership that would scare our opponents and endorse our opinion even with our worst enemies, and will bring respect to our opinion and our voice will be heard. Some people may think the West is our enemies and some call them (Kofar) yet we are our own enemy we have to learn from the West, when to talk and when to be quiet, we have to learn to respect our enemies as much as we respect our friends because our enemy today could be our friend tomorrow.

Today the world is changing, no need to scream to be heard, no need for violence to change situations, all you need is one rational voice to be heard and one peaceful stand to make a change.

We do not have to be emotional to raise a point or to defend our positions, just look around and see how far did we go since the end of the Soviet Union, almost everything has changed, even in Libya you can see a remarkable change, we are not there yet but surely we will be there.

Everybody is changing around the Globe, even the hard liners in China are changing, they were forced to go with the flow of the world economy and the global strategies yet we still arguing about Mr. Zwari's opinion and talk about yesterday's news and the history of Libya. Today we should not talk about the history, yesterday is long gone, and we have to make something of today to build the future of tomorrow.

Forget our differences of yesterday, start fresh today and as the Libyan saying goes (we are the sons of today), let us use this saying from the past to lead us to a brighter tomorrow.

Libya is changing today, the hard liners in Libya are moving toward the democracy with no choice, we should monitor the change and push for more and understand and believe that we can make a difference. We have to understand that we Libyans pushed for these changes, we have to understand that the authority in Libya is listening to us and understand that we want more freedom to our people inside and outside of Libya. However, we have to be constructive when we criticize something or somebody. Everybody likes to listen to the voice of reasoning, we have to be reasonable and patient to get what we want. Stop arguing with one man that has no power to change anything in Libya (Zwari) and concentrate on changing and improving the life style of the Libyan people, stop giving lectures about Islam, Libya have 97.7% Muslims, we do not need you to preach your radical ideas. My Friends, Dramatic Changes are not easy, it's a slow process, we have to be patient and we have to focus on our Goal and keep pushing together to victory for Libya and Libya only, no personnel gains or personnel victories.

Waelsalam Aliekum

The Voice of the True Libya

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