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We know what we want; real freedom!

Dear brother Dr. Ibrahim,

I have to thank you every time for your continuing efforts on this respected web site.

I agree with one of the brothers that we need to discuss in Arabic, however, this may not be feasible to all of us. As an example, I had problems installing Arabic Windows in my system. May be brother Ibraim can help us in this issue, may be by creating a file that we can download to be able to write in arabic.

I have few comments on some of the letters posted the last few days, some of which have been very informative and to the point. Before starting, I strongly believe that we need to listen to each other and discuss in a civilized manner with respect and dignity, but at the same time be realistic and not to change clear facts.

First, I have few comments on both letters of the writer from Cairo (signed Hameed). The first comment was already posted by one of the brothers in regards to the false information she provided about the fight betwen ALI and OTHMAN, this will give you the first impression. Second, the letters had attacks on Aljazera channel and in specific the program that discussed current issues in Libya and both speakers (Mr. Abu'esha and the Tunisian gentleman.) The sister went into turning everything into black, accussing both men, speaking about women's freedom in a way I could not quite understand, and then goes into saying that she spoke with Gadaffi and that he is " ibn Adam wa Hawa", and finally cautioned us from the programs of Aljazeera with a caution from the " effect of Israeli media". At the end, no solutions were provided, no realistic picture was given on what exactly is going on in Libya (if the writer knows !)

Dear writer, tell us what is freedom by your definition? What do Libyans need? What is the REAL situation there? The situation in Libya is very clear to us Libyans, we are living in a big prison, we do not clearly see it until we get out of it. I have lived all my life in Libya and I have seen all the changes occured, and finally have to leave only few years ago. Do you think all the Libyans living abroad want to stay away from thier beloved country? Many, including me, go and visit. You can imagine the sad feelings I and many have when we visit our families. Simply, The contry is destroyed. No economics, no education, no health system, no freedom of speech and more Libyans are living under poverty line, no salaries for months, no jobs for graduates, millions of dollars are spent in gifts to African leaders and students, no respect to Libyans (let me remind you of Gadaffi tearing papers in front of all Libyans and ordering to change what they "decided".) Well, he is "ibn adam wa hawa", and we have to take his experiments as we had for 30 years and find a way to implement them, eventhough that the poor man does not have any power, and the final results as everybody can tell is very clear, we are left with no country. Let's look around and compare ourselves with the other countries, where were we and where are we now?

Please do not blame the empargo, do not blame Libyans (because they could not understand Mr. Gadaffi's genius ideas). Some may believe from some of the letters posted here that Libya is a free country and some silly stuff like "you can buy a fax or a computer without permission". Free speech! Please do not go into all of this, I was not able to bring a portable computer to a family member for the reasons mentioned above, I have to make arrangements for months before entering my country to avoid being humiliated because I was out of the country for more than 6 months and be able to go back with my family. How many innocent people are there in prisons for years without any reason, and more killed without trials. I can go for hours if you like.

Dear writer, many people like you are attacking Aljazeera channel, but we the simple people, the real people found some of what we are looking for in this channel, freedom of speech, somebody who can just touch on the high palaces of our governers and exposes them and give the real truth without distorting it. Please do not play the old song of what's called "Israel", we do not need this, we know what we want, and insha allah, will have it one day, REAL FREEDOM.

Mohammed Abu-Alhasan

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