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Until When?

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

A large number of brothers and sisters on this page, and on many other locations and occasions, have called for ACTIONS against the Gaddafi oppressive and evil regime. They, rightfully so, state that words alone will not change our conditions and will not end Gaddafi's regime. However, nearly all of these brothers and sisters stop at "calling for actions".

Now that we all agree that we must ACT, what we need next is HOW? How can we, individually and collectively, DO something. I urge my beloved brothers and sisters, those who write on this page and those who do not, those who are members of organizations and those who are not, please spell out things that are doable and effective which we can DO to bring down Gaddafi and his evil gangs.

I know that a few things should not be announced in public and must be done in secret. But there are many other things that we can discuss on this page that will, In Shaa Allah, be helpful to the whole scheme of things. Let me give a few examples:

(1) Libyans living OUTSIDE Libya who have documents (or witnessed ) some of Gaddafi's crimes ( hanging, torture, imprisonment, etc) should come forward and contact Br. Fawzi Abdelhameed ( a Libyan lawyer living in Switzerland whose email address can be found in some of his letters on this page). To my knowledge, he and others are now collecting these documents to file a case against Gaddafi as a criminal at international courts. Gaddafi loves fame, and to defame him in front of the entire world will kill him, psychologically at least.

(2) Libyans OUTSIDE Libya should continue and intensify their efforts to speak up and write to international organizations for human rights regarding the brutal Gaddafi regime and educate people, all people, about the sad situation in Libya. I must also say that one very effective way to expose the regime evils is to participate in any opportunity that becomes available in Arabic satellites like Al-Jazeera, Abu Dhabi TV stations and others. Millions of Libyans watch these satellites and we can hurt the regime through calling and freely expressing our opinions. People who can articulate their opinions and representatives of opposition movements like the Islamic Group or The National Front for the Salvation of Libya are especially needed to call . It is sad that several such opportunities have become available but no one took advantage of them.

(3) Libyans living OUTSIDE Libya should reorganize themselves and become members of some opposition movements of their choice if they are not yet members. Working individually will not be effective. There are so many good people who are members of Islamic opposition movements which we should support. I have also heard recently of the rebirth of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya which has a long history of effective work and diverse activities. This is not necessarily an invitation to become members of the National Front, but only to emphasize the need to become members of active organizations.

(4) Libyans who live INSIDE Libya should try to avoid participating in ANY function or activity of the regime. For example, do not participate in maseeraat or meetings of the so- called people's committees. Do not go to hear anyone representing the regime speak publicly or privately at your locality, and do not buy or read the regime's newspapers or watch their TV station. You should NEVER attend or be part of any government demonstration to punish our people such as public executions or demolition of houses. In summary, behave negatively toward anything representing the regime.

(5) ALL Libyans, living OUTSIDE or INSIDE Libya, should hold tight to the Quran and the Sunnah. We are Muslims, and Islam is the only way to solve our problems. Without the Almighty Allah on our side, we are absolutely nothing and without holding on to His rope, we will not be successful in anything. Gaddafi has been partly able to continue with his evil because our commitment to Islam is somewhat weak. He has exploited this weakness to spread his evil. We should revive the Sunnah in our behavior, guard our prayers, pray jamaa at mosques whenever it is possible, and educate ourselves and our children about the true Islamic teachings.

(6) We should all help one another, especially those in need. I know that many families in Libya have lost loved ones and, in many instances, the breadwinner of the family. These families need moral and financial support from us, and we should not hesitate to provide help when needed. Strong bondage among us is absolutely necessary to stand up against the tyranny in Libya.

These are just a few simple actions that can be done by everybody. I will come back to suggesting a few other actions In Shaa Allah, and I hope that other beloved brothers and sisters will come forward with other doable suggestions of their own.

May Allah, the Almighty, guide us to His Striaght Path, and help us get rid of Gaddafi soon.


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