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Is there an answer?

As I was delighted that we started getting some response from ElTawerian and ElMarid which took a lot of encouragement from them to engage in a civilised discussion. As they like us to write with evidences and not just words of wisdom. I am opening a new subject which may need a lot of encouragement from them to help me to understand what is going about it.

Students are the main driver for each nation and without student involvement and engagement in democratic society, nothing will go forward. Since Gadafi came to power he targeted students and tried to suppress their activities along the years he is been in power. In the first few years of the revolution, Gadafi have been supported widely by the students as they suffered quiet a lot from the kingdom regime as they have been targeted also. Many students realised that Gadafi is false revolutionary and he is one of the dictators who wants every thing for himself and no one can stood and say no to him. By April 1976 he forced his way to student union by force and first execution victims were students who said no to Gadafi democracy. The universities were bombarded by many Lejan Tawria and you see many new faces joining the university . All of them look like soldiers and they were not students as you may notice from their achievements in every academic year. You will find them in each corner and all nights as they looking for any thing suspicious. Every year as part of April celebration, Gadafi will execute one or two students by hanging them in the universities or the city squares. He will force every one to watch this execution and will post their pictures in every corner of the universities. This is to terrorise all students. None of the student union members is elected in a democratic way and all the representatives must have Lejan Tawria card and approval to be elected as a member of the student union. There is no representation for students at any level except from ElTawerian who are faithful to Gadafi only. Gadafi will meet the student representatives or the student union which is of course are hundred percent revolutionary and willing to die for Gadafi. He meet them on regular basis and will give them very precise instructions and most of the time they will be shouted at and harassed by him to show that he is powerful young revolutionary soldier who likes Libya and wants them to be like him. They will start jumping up and down and saying slogans to other students and promise Gadafi they will be his soldiers whenever he needed them. Till today still the same thing happening and no one will challenge Gadafi or his revolutionary horses in a race to get back the student union dignity as it was 30 years ago. All student unions are occupied by followers from Warfalla, Sert, and some of hypocrites.

Is there a democratic elected student union in Libya? Of course not and I challenge any one who tills me that members of student union committees are ordinary students. None of them will be and will never be. Gadafi know that many dictator regimes were thrown out by students and latest occurred in Romania and Indonesia. He knows that students can change society very easily and no one can challenge them. Gadafi succeeded in terrorising students and deprive them from every thing. He introduced compulsory military services and uniform in all primary, secondary schools and universities. This would give him the legality so he can treat them like a soldier and they will be his army. This idea was not very successful as it was very badly organised and no benefit from it as he was afraid. It is dangerous to teach students how to use weapons because one of them may kill him one day. He deprived students in universities from every thing like food, books, accommodation and furniture. The level of university students is very low compared to 20-30 years ago. If you look at all writers, Journalists, professionals and intellectuals, they are all from the 70s. In the last twenty years education in Libya was very bad and it is getting worse and I do not want to go any further on this subject today.

Student unions have been hijacked by Gadafi and his Lejan Taweria.. Gadafi demorlised students in a systematic way since he came to power and He continues doing this in very deceptive way. He must go to the universities every year and show himself that he is the man and no one can challenge him or say no to him. As I am finishing this brief discussion about students in Libya and I am sure a lot of my colleagues will have more than one question needed to be answered.

Is there a student union in Libya?
Who is electing the representatives of students?
Who is the president of the student union in Libya?
Why is Gadafi afraid from students and he always tries hard to terrorise them whenever there is a chance for him to do so?
Is Gadafi resuming hanging students in the universities?
Can we have a democratic elected student union in Libya?

Many things said and some of them not right about the student union but I want ElMarid and ElTawerian to answer my questions and convince me that there is a free, democratic and no Tawery as member of student union committees.

Ramadan Karim


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