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Focus on Libya

Ya Bozaid Dorda: Take this message to your master Algaddafi:

Ya Gadaffi: for the sake of the millennium, do the following for the poor Libyan people you have been ruling for the last 30 years:

1 - Dismantle all the revolutionary committees and the intelligence services, increase the power of the police within the law of the Koran not French law, not British law or the green book! Only al-Sharia according to Imam Malik.

2 - Release all the prisoners.

3 - Print money for the Libyan people; 200 Billion Dinars to be used within Libya only, forget about the outside world, let the people use the money to build their country and open factories and export commodity other than oil.and raise our people's salaries as follow:
22,000 Libyan Dinars/year for the illiterate.
32,000 Libyan Dinar/year for college graduates and diploma holders.
42,000 Libyan Dinars/year for university graduates.
52,000 Libyan Dinars/year for doctors and Ph.D holders.
Open bank loan facilities for Libyans to build factories and farms to produce and export and get more foreign cash to Libya.

4 - Keep a strict eye on foreign currencies which should only be used to buy necessities for the public. No exchange except for the ill or to buy factory or farming gear. Hold back all the foreign earnings of Libya and use it in purchasing foreign commodities.

5 - Warn all Libyans that al-Sharia now applies to all aspects of life.

6 - Do not build houses for the people, Libya now looks like Russia in high rises, we need more green and more nice houses with backyards for each house and a fence. Each family should have 625 Square Meters to build on, at least 30% of that should be for the garden and the children.

7 - Inject money into research and development.

8 - Compensate the families of all the people you ordered to be killed abroad or within Libya and apologise to them; ask for their forgivness. Pay blood money to each family you hurt.

9 - Introduce a law that only people with Ph.D doctorate or university graduates can enter elections as candidates, no more revolutionary committees' cowboys.

10 - Be strict on work hours, no work no pay; this equation is the secret of success in any society.

11 - Take away all your rubbish of green book and theories and teach school children Koran and Hadith and strong scientific material. Introduce computers on limited basis in schools from age 7. Only at work or at school there should be computers. When Libyans can afford computers and export is booming, you can then introduce computers to homes.

12 - Focus on Libya; leave Africa and the the Arabs alone.


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