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It is now the time to clarify and pinpoint the main issues

Dear Dr. Ibrahim:

I would like first to take this opportunity to thank you and show my appreciation to you in such a good work for all of us. The following letter was prepared by a group of Libyans abroad. I would like to post this letter in your site. As a member of a group, I had the privilege to sign on behalf of my team members.

Thank you

In the past 20 years, there was a tremendous efforts, discussions, views, agreements and disagreements between numbers of Libyans, whether they were individuals, groups, organizations and /or different association, etc. on issues, views and ideas amongst all Libyans and whatever related to Libya as a land and its people.

We (A group of Libyans abroad) felt it is now the time to clarify and pinpoint the main issues that causes and still causing a great deal of conflicts and misunderstanding, at the same time where "Libyan Politicians" should have addressed these strategic trends long before.

The following is a download of the main critical issues that we, as a new organization, felt the responsibility and the initiative to undertake, identify and clarify for our future Libya.

Identity and affiliation "Libya"
In the past few centuries, Libya's identity and affiliation were used and abused, changed and mishandled, each time a new government or a dictator guided Libya and its people a new identity is attached to the new government ideology and the way it manages Libyans. Libya suffered and still is suffering from the absence of its identity and ensuring the designation of its true identity and affiliation. Governments and dictators ruled Libya, in the past, have based their trends, ideologies and their management style on empty grounds. They have mismanaged the compatibility of both, the identity of Libya and its people, and the political trend and views of their future Libya.

Libya and Libyans are affiliated with "North Africa" their Identity is part of North Africa and its people' culture is part of North African's culture. Geographically, North Africa borders the Mediterranean from the north and the great Sahara desert from the south, its land stretches from the Canary Island in the west to the neighboring Egyptian land in the east. People, who lived in this content, identified as North Africans, carry the same culture, share similar customs and traditions and identified with the same identity and affiliation. Although, the spoken dialects and languages used amongst North Africans today, including Libyans, differ from place to another, they share the same history and they look forward to the same destiny. Only recently when the borders were drawn between what is called now different countries, North Africans were divided, mismanaged and branded different identities. During the past decades, the land of North Africa, including Libya, have had so many different kinds of migrating groups and other settlers from different backgrounds, Egyptians, Greeks, Turkish, Arabs, Europeans, Africans, etc. As a result of these interactions, the characteristics of North African people integrated and influenced with others including the influence of language, custom, traditions, etc.

The identity and the affiliation of Libya and Libyans are the identity and the affiliation of all North Africans. Only because of what happens in the last 500 years of separation, migration and isolation, does not mean Libya will take a separate and forced to wear a fake identity.

Political trend
The importance of understanding the issue of Libya's identity and its affiliation, is not limited to the knowledge of the issue itself, but this understanding will furnish the essential foundation of the political trends adopted by whomever is leading or will lead the country in the future. In the past 30 years, as an example, the Arab causes were dominating the political trends and views of Gadhafi regime. His undertaking of this trend was supported and welcomed by Libyans in 1969, only those who bought the idea of the Arab cause were emotionally brainwashed by others, specifically Egyptians and Syrians. The majority of these Libyans are the main supporters of the idea and they become today's richest Libyans and their job is to satisfy their stomachs. The Political trend was to affiliate Libya as part of the (Arab union!) with others like Syria, Palestin, Egypt, etc. Is Libya an Arab Country? If so how? Until recently, poor Libya and Libyans, the trend is now Africans!

We hear from different Libyan politicians now days that Libya is affiliated with Arab States! Others say it is affiliated with Islamic State! And some could say Libya is part of United States of Africa!

The massage is to all Libyans intellectuals and politicians (including the current regime and opposition groups).

What is the right political trend for Libya as a country and Libyans as people? Where is Libya heading in the next century and beyond? How do you see the political trend is shaping up Libya's future? Are we going to head forward? Or continue like a grinder without grains!

Deep and logical assessment is required to save the poor country and its people!

Bashir al-Soukni
Member of the group

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