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To al-Jazeera

Al Jazeera Network

Attention Chief editor (for his info only)

Attention: Dr. Faisal Alkasim

With millions of other Libyans and Arabs, I await eagerly every week for your excellent program: AL ITIJAH AL MOAAKIS "The Opposite Direction". However, I was really disappointed with your last program featuring "THE LEADER!" Muammar Al Ghaddafi. First, if you insist to call him the leader, you should have said at least, the Libyan leader, or the Libyan ruler or whatever.

Secondly, it was very and very obvious, that he selected which questions you can ask him, and which ones, you cannot. Thirdly, his control or rather his people's control of the phone calls from a list of selected "names" from Lebanon and the Arab Emirates! In a time when your program through the night, failed to show any phone or fax numbers to call? Two calls only, from people he or his intelligence officer's trust. Those officers, I bet my car on it, were either Abdullah Elsanousi or Ali Elkailani, I am sure you know them quite well by now.

It was clear to all viewers that Ghaddafi's people were also the "producers" of your show that night, especially, the showing of Nasser speech, when he entrusted (!) The entire Arab nation to the hands of Muamar! What a fool?!

It was unfortunate; that your program came in the middle of the global recognition of Al Jazeera Network and the excellent coverage it did the past two months. A TRULY WORLD CLASS achievement.

People in the streets in Libya, and I don't believe them, say that you personally, were paid a hefty amount for Ghaddafi's propaganda. Especially, after the showing early this year, of Mr. Faraj Al Isha on your show. That show, literally created havoc in the leader's regime that month.

Furthermore, this great leader said absolutely nothing of value on your last show, at a time when the world, Arabic or Islamic, are in total disarray! Except may be, of his defense of the U.S. right to declare war? Or to threaten, any Libyan who does not agree with him, by death. Calling them "stray dogs" and promising through your program, to chase them in England and America and kill them. He was the same guy, who, on a previous showing on your program, said he is the "dean" of the Arab rulers, and yet, did not volunteer to do anything for the Arabs or, his pitiful coleages!!

You don't have to answer me. But since your program is called "The Opposite Direction", two or more people should be involved, say, one of his known opponents, be it Mr. Abdelhamid El Bakoush, Mr. Bin Halim or Dr. El Mugariaff for example, or any other respectable Libyan, whose opinion differs than the leader's. But certainly, not chosen by his intelligence services.

Please do not allow him to tarnish this great network AL JAZEERA with his naive and self inflicted GREATNESS... Dr. Faisal! For all the respect we hold for you.



A Libyan who can not show his identity, for fear of being labeled a "stray dog" by the leader. And shot in the spot! That's how much democracy we enjoy in the Great etc... etc... etc. !!!!

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