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Belgium Law, Sharon…. Gadhafi !

This is the first time I write to this site and may I say a big thank you to Dr Ibrahim for his hard work and dedication that made his site a big success enjoyed by many Libyans inside and outside Libya.

We have all heard recently of the court case lodged against Sharon in Belgium by relatives of victims of ( Sabra & Shatila ) utilising a Belgian law, which permits the trial of persons who committed crimes against humanity, wherever they are in the world.

I would like to ask all Libyans who are committed to opposing the Gadhafi regime and striving towards freeing our country from his oppression and absolute dictatorship, why don't we start a court case against him in Belgium for his crimes against the Libyan people inside and outside Libya, which are many! I can name at least two cases that are well documented and can be proven in a court of law outside Libya namely:

1- His physical liquidation of many Libyan opponents abroad in the early eighties in London, Rome, Athens and other places when Gadhafi publicly and in a recorded speech ordered his agents to follow the opposition (stray dogs!!) every where in the world and kill them, then we have the admissions of the killers, some of whom are still in prison in Europe, that they were sent by Gadhafi to kill.

2- The case of the shooting and injuring of eleven Libyan students outside the Libyan embassy in London on 17th April 1984 which is also well documented and Gadhafi admitted responsibility when he paid compensation to the family of the British police woman who was killed in the shooting.

We know that there are many other cases committed inside and outside Libya but the emphasis should be on what can be proven with available documents and witnesses, a job that a good competent lawyer can do.

My friends, it may be too optimistic to expect a court case against Gadhafi in Belgium to result in him being arrested and brought to justice, but it will mean a huge political, media and psychological pressure on Gadhafi as well as making the world notice the suffering and plight of five million Libyans.

We have thousands of Libyans living abroad some are active in the human rights field and some others who are very wealthy (may Allah give them more!) And all it will take is one or two of them to undertake to cover the costs of a good lawyer in Belgium to take up our case against Gadhafi.

We are, my friends, in the twenty first century and this is the era of globalisation, information technology, media and human rights pressure groups, we should be documenting all Gadhafi's crimes in the last thirty two years so that one day soon! he and those who committed those crimes on his behalf can be held responsible for their actions.

We should utilise all the new innovative means available in the world to fight a dictator and a regime who gives the impression of being strong and stable but is actually very weak from the inside and who has lasted too long! destroying every thing that is good about our country and our people.

Ahmed Juma

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