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A Reply To M. Saber (Malaysia)

I made my mind of writing this article after a discussion with many Libyans who live in Malaysia and who showed their disbelief and dissatisfaction of what Mr. M. Saber wrote.

It took quite some time for me to reply to your poisoned letter, dated 15 june 2001,in which you threw rude and false accusations toward our embassy officials.

I am a postgraduate student in Malaysia for almost five years, I did my Master degree and about to complete my Ph.D research. I do agree with you as an academician that cheating in the examinations in any level is a dangerous disease and a big problem which we face in our schools recently. Haven't you heard about what is happening in Libya lately? It is really worse than you can imagine, but I don't agree with you when you wrongfully accused the embassy officials with bad and nasty words.

As I mentioned earlier, I spent five years in Malaysia and never experienced before such a harmony and good relationship between students and embassy officials, as the one in the present time, thanks to the new charge' d'affaires.

You my friend have falsely accused our charge' d'affaires of nepotism, cronism and other bad habits in which he is far clean from those rude and nonsense accusations. The gentlman you accused is a good example of a clean and patriot citizen who is serving his country as a diplomat since 1970. He was appointed as an ambassador to many countries before and he was one of the top ranked officials dealing with Asian and Australian affairs for quite long time. You accused him of nepotism and cronism so tell me my friend how many relatives he has here.....the answer is NONE.

Then you showed your disrespect to our consul. I was all smiles when I read your article about him. This gentlman is a religious man who was and still friend to every one, students, diplomats or Libyan businessmen who work here. Tell me in how many of our embassies overseas where you can get a new passport within one hour, while you are enjoying your coffe or tea in the embassy or the People's Bureau as they call it. Even in our home land you can't get such special and fast service. The man you accused used to drive 70 km in his own car to the airport to help the new students who arrive here. Do you think this is his job? Last example to show you the good relationship between the embassy officials and us as a stundents, when our consul was admitted to the hospital for a medical problem, his room was full of students for three consecutive days untill the hospital management complained. Even the students who live far from the capital city showed their support by courtesy calls.

I was disgusted with your rude and unproper words towards the cultural attache. Is this the mentality of an educated person who will go back one day (if he succeed in his study) and teach our little brothers and sisters? May be the gentlman was harsh with the students when he first came, then he became very helpful to every one. I am wondering why are you so mad at him? Is it because he is trying to follow up with the progress in our study and research? Of course a failed student like yourself (if you are really student) don't like such monitoring, but again isn't this his job? I still remember last time the amount of suffering with the immigration department to get the visa to our spouses when we were in English course, but isn't he the man who solved this problem permanently? isn't he and the new charge' d' affaires who tried their best to include the students who were self financed students to include them in the Libyan scolarship scheme so the can carry out their study without any financial difficulties?

Let me tell you something my friend. I have some friends who study in other countries and told me that it is not an easy matter to go and get your things done in their embassies unless they have a pre-scheduled appointment with the person on charge, or in some embassies they appoint a local man to meet the students and take their applications and ask them to come back after few days.

Indeed I was all afraid that your poisoned letter will change these good men attitude towards us but thank Allah. It wasn't the case. They still welcome us with a big smile and a high potential to help. I found out that a cheap and a sick-minded person like you will not change these people morality or attitude because they are far better than you. GET some help or seek treatment because I am sorry to tell you that you are a sick person who envy our good relationship and try to sabotage it by any means.

Libyan Student in Malaysia

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