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To: Mr. Hilliard

U.S. Congressman Earl F. Hilliard will be visiting Libya in July, send him this letter and let him know what you think of the human rights situation in Libya:
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Congressman Earl F. Hilliard
U.S. Congress
Washington, DC
Fax (202) 226-0772

Honorable Congressman Hilliard:

The current Libyan regime seized power via military coup detat at dawn on September 1, 1969. Its first act was to abolish the constitution, which had been adopted by the Libyan National Assembly on October 7, 1951. Qaddafi regards the constitution and constitutional institutions as obstacles to his autocratic rule. He exercises this tyranny without constitutional control or any accountability to the people.

All laws were abolished during the so-called Cultural Revolution. The education system was destroyed as well. Qaddafi's regime, despite its accession to the main human rights conventions and covenants, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (May 1970), has in fact never adhered to either the text or the spirit of those conventions. Libya is the only government in the world that has instituted publicly and to everyone'' knowledge, including the permanent members of the Security Council, the physical liquidation of political opponents as an official tool of government.

Libya does not belong to this civilized world. We don't need to hunt for evidence for the wrongdoings of this regime against the Libyan people, because Qaddafi has made it very easy. He hung people on the street and televised the event. He destroyed the houses of anyone who was even suspected of harboring opinions against the regime, and this policy is still in effect today.

Libya cries out for the immediate release of thousands of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience. The Libyan people need the freedom to choose their own government, the freedom to have a government that can be held accountable for revenues received and expenditures undertaken. The Libyan people need a free and independent justice system. They need a free press and free elections, free expression, free trade, and the right to unionize freely. None of these human rights exist in Libya. The Qaddafi regime should be isolated unless Qaddafi implements these freedoms.

From 1973 to the present in Libya, there has only been one opinion that carries the full weight and authority of law, and that is Qaddafi's. As a result, the Libyan society has been transformed into merely a group of marginalized ciphers who are neutralized, impotent, and devoid of opinions of their own. They lack mental judgement and are submissive to their superiors, yet oppressive to their subordinates. The phenomenon of lack of conscientiousness has become widespread, the ideals and human values have been destroyed. As a result, society as a whole is unable to deal with issues of minor or major importance.

In conclusion, Qaddafi and his regime will pass, but the Libyan people will remain. Therefore, countries of the world should consider the future of the Libyan people. The world should not choose the short-term benefits of doing business with Qaddafi, because such benefits can only be gained at the expense of the Libyan people. The world must understand that any affiliation with, or support of, the tyrannical policies of Qaddafi's regime amounts to an embarrassment to the entire concept of civilization.


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A. B.

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