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Leebi Madhloom

Besm Ellah wassalato ala rasol Allah salla Allaho alihe wasalam.

Dear brother Dr Ibraheem assalamo alikom.

First I would like to thank you for your efforts and your hard work toward a free Libya, also I would like to ask you to take care and watch yourself and ask Allah to protect you from every makrooh that might happen to you as a result of this effort.

Dear brother, I would like that you kindly post this letter for me in your Libyan discussion group home page due to its importance to every Libyan and at the same time as an evidence to those who claim that Libya is the country of security and justice, if they understand English. This story is a real story eventhough anyone reads it might think this story came from the imagination of its writer, but unfortunately it is a real story.

Since I am the only medical doctor in my family in Libya my whole family depended on Allah then on me for their medical services in Libya, and you know that if you go to the hospital anywhere in Libya without having any body as a wasta in the hospital what is going to happen to you, they will keep kicking you from one hospital to another until you die, and if they accepted you, you would be a lucky person if you are seen by the doctor within 5 or 6 hours from your arrival to the hospital ( I say that because I'm a doctor and I know the system very well .) Anyway, this is not the point while it is not a new fact for everybody living in Libya .

In 199? at 12.30 after midnight my brother in law called me and told me that my pregnant sister (his wife) is in emergency situation and he asked my help to go and see her as soon as possible. I took my car and went to their house to see what is going on with her and when I got there I realized that she is in early labor, what we call in medicine a pre term labor, which is a very serious condition for the baby and his mom, anyway I took her to the hospital where I'm working and have several colleagues working there, and while we are in our way to the hospital driving through one of the main streets toward the hospital a very reckless driver who was driving one of HAI-AT AL-AMN cars came off one of the branching streets speeding like crazy and without stopping or watching that he is approaching one of the main streets in the city downtown his car kicked my car from the back side and turned it over where my in labor sister struck her head with the wind shelf, broke it and got injured in her head, I can see the head of her baby out and everybody can imagine this tragedy. Do you know what the other driver did; he went outside his car, took his gun with him and went inside HAI-AT AL-AMN BUILDING which was accidentally in the neighborhood of our accident site, while I was screaming and seeking the help to save my sister's life and alhamdolellah Allah blessed me with one of my friends who was driving around that area with his wife, they took my sister to the emergency room and called my family to let them know about the accident and inform them that my sister gave birth to a baby boy by cesarean section (surgical delivery) and she is in stable condition , she had few serious head wounds but nothing critical while her baby is in critical condition and he might die but alhamdolelah Allah blessed his mom by his recovery afterward.

AFTER ALL , we (me and my brother) went to the accident site to check why the guilty driver did what he did (a non human action.) Wallahi we went to that building that he ran into and we found the police waiting for us and searching for the other driver and after a long search that driver came out of that building drunk to death and under the influence of all kinds of drugs in the world and he asked us: what do you want from me? you go to hell, you (me) and your police and then he pointed his gun toward us, then my brother got very angry and started shouting in his face and telling him: if you are a man put off the gun and come out, my brother said that as a result of what happened and he said: that is enough opression (dolm,) that is a lot until everybody got scared realizing they might take him and we are not going to see him anymore which is a regular routine to every Libyan who dare to say anything against the regime. But, with the protection of Allah, nothing happened to him and this is another evidence which shows how these jobanaa are acting when the situation gets serious. Anyway the police officer told me that he could do nothing to him. I can't touch him, I have a family that I'm taking care of, the officer said. I realized his situation and excused his reaction, then one of the Al-amn officers working in that spot and he knew that guy ( the driver) told me: you don't know who this guy is, he is the cousin of one of Algadafi's cousins and the only thing you can do is to come back tomorrow and talk to his uncle and tell him what happened and have him fix your car and punish his cousin for what he did. I believed that guy, feeling that this kind of people are like us; human beings, but afterward I realized that these people are not normal people like us, in fact they are below the animal level, they have no hearts whatsoever and ???

I went back the next day and they kept me waiting from 8 AM in the morning till 5 PM in the evening and during this time I saw another live environment, no manner, no values, no deen, no nothing, I also found out that everybody working at any sensitive location around the country has to come to this HAI-AT AL-AMN BUILDING to sign in before he goes to his job (actors, stars, coaches, you name it, all the popular faces in Libya are from haiat alamen) and that means a good person will not accept any higher position in this country because if he accepted then he agreed to work in this dirty environment. Anyway they took me upstairs to a room called a weapon room, full of weapons, where I realized that these people were trying to scare me to not come back , I said I don't need any thing just fix my car, this car which was a brand new car and one of the few cars of its kind in the country and I got it as a gift in my graduation day from my brothers and sister who put their saved money to reward me for my finishing medical school and becoming a doctor and raising their heads by this title ( every body knows this tradition back home.) After a little while, a big man came out and told me: you are going to write tanazol for the other driver, I said I'm not going to do that even if you are going to kill me, he told me I will put you in jail, I said I don't care and as I told you brothers these people are jobana; when they realize that you are firm with them they become humble because they have no rojolah. Finally the big man told me: get the hell out of here, you have nothing to do with us and if you come back here I will put you in jail. I left the place and said in my mind hasbia Alalh wanaema alwakill, that was my first time in my life that I realized the feeling of almadloom and how Allah accepts the dawas of almadloomeen and wallahe with all my intention I made dawa on them and their leader and all my belief that Allah will accept it one day. Yet, this is not the end of the story and here is the main purpose and the objective of this story and the main benefit of it.

One year after this accident I gathered my belongings and said this is not the place where I can preserve my honor and dignity, I applied for US visa and I was granted the visa and I came to the US, I took the medical license and now I'm practicing medicine somewhere in the US. One day I was waiting for the red light, a car hit my car from the back and all of the sudden the driver of that car came off his car running towards me saying to me: are you OK, don't worry about your car, just are you OK and he kept apologizing for his mistake until I felt I was the guilty not him , then he called the police and they came after 5 MINUTES. The police asked for the other driver's ID. Do you know who was that person. HE IS THE PRESIDENT OF ONE OF THE MAIN BIG WELL KNOWN UNIVERSITIES IN THE US, but the officer did not say to him oh I'm scared, in fact the driver told the officer: it was my mistake and I'm ready for anything you ask me to do, and after the officer finished his report that man gave me his business card and told me if you have any problems you can call me at any time then his insurance company called me and evaluated the accident and sent me the cost of my car repair, in fact they gave me more than what I deserve (almost double the cost). After six months I heard that that person was elected as a mayor of the city where that university is located and now he is a very well known Republican party activist.

Now, the question for all the readers is: what are the differences between these two real stories? Over there I'm in my Muslim country, here I'm a stranger and in alkofar's country and that driver in my country is speaking my language and have the same cultural background, this driver is a stranger for me and we have no relation to each other neither cultural nor religious. The answer for all Libyans inside and outside the country is the freedom and human values, they realize and appreciate human values and democracy and they practice it while our greater Jamaheria's regime in Libya is still living in the mentality of their leader's desert of Sirt and its environment. You can imagine the difference, these people need 200 year of education to reach the level of (...) I said that from al-dolm I carried in my heart for me and for all Libyans and this is not to mean that all people from Sirt are bad, it is just for this kind of non humans, a lot of people from Sirt do not agree with what is happening in Libya

Of course I don't like the way the US powered the world and I wish that this power be resolved. Yes, I don't like the kofer life they are living in but that is another issue, the issue here is the human the moral values and the human rights. Here we found our real value, our dignity and honor and not there. But I am confident that these few (...) do not reflect the whole Libyan alshrafa, but unfortunately the power is in their hands and they will keep abusing it and torturing and killing our brothers and sisters until we move inside and remove this (...) and bring instead of them educated merciful Libyans. WE NEED ANOTHER SEDI OMAR ALMOKTAR AND ELSWEHLI ALLAH YARHOMHOM.

Finally, I wish if I could write my real name, for me I don't care but how about my family, what is going to happen to them, that is why I haven't gone in deep details like mentioning names and locations since that would be very obvious to Libyan intelligence.

Allahomma rodana ela beladna salmeen ghanemeen, allahoma arfaa aldolm ala almadlomeen.

Thank you brother Dr. Ibraheem

Alebi almadloom

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