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We Need "Iman" And Stronger Hearts

Alsalamu alaikum,

I am a Libyan, pure and free. Libya is a beautiful country that needs to be rid of an evil leader and his likes. Libya was once a real country, where people who had values, and wisdom lived. Libya is the home of Omar Al-Muktar, a true hero who died for our land and our freedom.

Today thousands of Libyans are fleeing their country, in search of somewhere where they can live peacefully, without worrying about anyone, or anything happening. Thousands of young people, leave their country in tears, leave their families, their friends, their culture, their food, their SAND, and their seas, in trade for the freedom to practice their religion. Now living in foreign countries, they would give ANYTHING just to lay a foot on the warm, golden Libyan sand. That's all. The sad part is they can't even have that. They can't have ANYTHING from their country. Because of an ignorant leader, who will inshallah die and meet his lord, and inshallah, his terrible, miserable fate.

Hasn't anyone seen the tears on mothers cheeks, trying to remember how their sons' face LOOKS like? Doesn't anyone hear their cries, and see their hurt? He hasn't left ONE home without breaking hearts, making tears fall, and allowing a tremendous amount of depression take it's place. A living soul is to be free, to be happy, and to be home. To be allowed to at least see his mother every morning. Can't he at least SMELL his lands air? At the very least? Sadly, and in

People, we need iman and stronger hearts and determined minds, souls linked to Allah and bodies able to withstand the difficulties of FREEDOM. We need our Libyan people to be those people so we can OVERCOME this weak, unable, and terrible leader and his likes. To return Libya to it's beautiful, calm, and islamicly ruled country it once was.

Fear Allah people, and believe in his power. Be patient, and some day, inshallah soon, he will disappear from the face of the earth, and we will have a chance to make Libya what it should be.

Fi Aman Allah Ya Ikwatee,

A Pure And Free Libyan

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