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To Ibn Muammar

It is very nice for you to come forward and write on this page. Not every one loyal to Gadafi either from immediate family or from ElTawerian can do this. It is an encouraging sign when we see some people read and respond to what is written on this page. There are certain ways of communicating and discussing important issues.

It is wrong to start by calling people names and attacking people for one reason which is; they wrote their opinion on this page. This is another proof that Gadafi regime can not tolerate facts and hate people who are writing and searching for the truth. If you carry on writing like what you did in your two letters, no one will bother to read them and you are not doing any good foryourself. If you want civilised and high standard responses to your letters, keep away from using vulgar and street language. This the way Gadafi used against his fellow revolutionary colleagues and against many people and only few are still listening to him. We are not such people who will say "yes sir" or praise you for what you have written or said. We only want people who write facts and discuss matters related to the future of Libya and all Libyans. We want intellectual and stimulating articles that inspire every one's imagination like what Haila, Buisier, ElZwari and occisionally by Abu Musaab write on this page. I hope you will be one of those who can inspire the others. If you have facts about Libyans in exile and you would like to write them , please do as that is very important to all of us.

For one reason or the other you are calling yourself Ibn Muammar. If you are really one of them, then you certainly are aware about what is happening in Libya every day. You can ask yourself about the suffering by many Libyans and why Gadafi doing this to all Libyans. Look around you and you can see damages every where. The health system is very backward and Libyans are ripped off by Tunisian and Jordanian doctors and Libya is far more richer than these two countries whose level of health services are far better than Libya. The Libyan doctors are trained much better and many of them achieved high standards in other countries. They are willing to work and improve the health services if the regime is also willing to work for Libya and only Libya. Students can not represent themselves at any level. The student union has been hijacked by ElTawerian and universities status are intolerable to any one. No accommodation, no support from the state, materials and books are not available.

Look to the agriculture and industrial status of Libya. None of all programmes started or initiated by Gadafi regime succeeded to the level you feel proud of. All the programmes failed because there is no planing and very corrupted management system encouraged by the state and by the regime. Look at unemployment which is more higher than Tunisia, eventhough the Libyan population is 4-5 millions less than Tunisia. The graduates can not afford to pay even for his/her own belonging. You will find thousands and thousands of males and females in their earlier and late thirties who are not married, no jobs and still living with there parents. They can not afford to get married, to build a house and even to support themselves. Look again at the country as whole, every thing looks old and most of the buildings are 20 years or more old. What is Gadafi claiming that all of these are due to embargo years forced on Libya because of Lockerbie disaster. Money is going to Africa, and to his family and pedigrees personnel accounts. There is some thing wrong which properly you will say not in the Gadafi himself. The problem I said in the person who is not listening to his people and he adapted one man state. In order to build a nation, you should listen to your people and use all resources for your people not to give it away to hopless nations or insisting on something which proved to be unworkable e.g the great man-made river.

I must stop here as I am sure many people will write more about this and I want to be able to do it in one page. I just would like to say to you, not to go mad and let your emotions over take your mind and thinking. Libya is our country as it is yours and every one should do what he or she can do for Libya. Maybe our turn not yet but one day may be ourselves or our children will do good for Libya. I hope also Dr Ibrahim will keep this page for people who are genuine and respecting the others. Street and abusive languages should not be allowed on this highly intellectual page.

That is my message to Ibn Muammar.

God bless Libya and all Libyans.


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