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Iblees and the Mandate

Iblees ran away from Libya and gave up the deceiving job after struggling for so many years to stay as second to none in deception. He finally gave up and was too ashamed of what has been happening there and is afraid that someone may hold him responsible of something he hardly controlled. Iblees traveled around to hold meetings with all the Shiateen and tell them that Libya is getting out of control. It is no longer a place for them to practice their rituals.

Deep in his heart, Iblees was fearful of Allah but that guy named Gaddafi has been doing for more than 30 years what no Shaitan has ever thought it could be done. He angrily explained that he tried to dedicate his full time and use all the tricks allowed to him by the mandate to compete with his rival but each time the new competitor acted Iblees had the shock of his life.

In one of his important meetings, Iblees told his audience, " When Algaddafi declared 'Albaitu Lisakinihi' I knew a great evil was in the making. I had mixed feelings about what is coming on the Libyans way. I have been trying to deceive them for so many centuries but never had the success he had achieved in so short a time. However, I felt strange and thought what he has been doing was a little too much. I decided to verify if what Algaddafi has on mind could fit in the mandate and frame of authority through which we conduct our job of deception. I looked in every encyclopedia Shaitaniya. To my shock, the kind of evil Algadhafi is bringing to the people was scrapped from our mandated centuries ago. The present mandate does not authorize the Shayateen to go that far. I laid back and said to myself I am glad I had nothing to do with what he is doing. I guessed that it could be a mistake, as humans tend to do mistakes.

It was not long before a series of jolts ran through my body when Elqathafi declared 'Alardhu Laiset Mulkan Li-ahad', 'Attijara dhahira Istighlaliya', 'Al-i'tiraf Berribeh I`tiraf Bil-istighlal'. I went through the process of research again but this time I did not limit my research to the Shayateen references but included the good references but to no avail. I just sat there not knowing what to do.

I started to wonder when he asked the Libyans to leave their country and go live somewhere else like in Masr, Essudan, Chad, etc., What the hell is going on? I asked myself. Why, we Ma'shar Ash-Shayateen, would try to empty a country of its people? I could not draw any conclusions. The fear started to sneak into me and I decided to stand on the sidelines and watch what the guy is really up to. I was wondering if he had anything to do with us or if he was sent by an extremist outlawed fundamentalist Shaytani sect to compete with me.

While I was on the sidelines, Gadhafi declared Assulta wa Atharwa Wa Assilah fi Yade esh-Sha'b; Assayyara Liman Yaqooduha; Elmadrasa Yakhdimuha Tullabuha; Shuraka' la Aujara'; Almuqayadha, etc. etc… I felt more than ever that I was in no win position. I decided to ask for an audience with him to negotiate a deal but before doing so I had to find out if he was really one of us. If he were, I would tell him he must stick to our rules and regulations and to keep within the frame of the authorities mandated to us as Shayateen. I was lucky not to wait too long. We met for several hours. All could see, hear, and sense was that the guy has deep rooted hatred for Libyans unmatched by even the most ferocious Shaytani sects. I told him what he was doing could not be tolerated and must behave and stick to the rules if he wanted to continue his service remain with us. Instead, he gave a long lecture telling me that we, Ma'shar Ash-Shayateen, were too kind, too democratic and may lose my position to someone else. His closing statement of our fruitless meeting was 'Mazal, Inta shin rait'. I left the meeting trembling but decided to stay a little longer hoping that he may change his course and get back in and join us again.

Annahr Al'adheem? A river in the middle of the most hostile desert on planet earth and coming from the same desert? What a shaytani way to rip the country off its wealth, but I had another thought, it was more than a shaytani way. This means starvation and moral decay means a destruction of a country. If he empties the country of its people we will lose a great challenge. Who are we going to deceive then? We will run out of business as far as Libya is concerned.

Before I could asses the situation and decide what to do next I had a great jolt at which point I decided that It was beyond comprehension when he ordered a Libyan passenger jet loaded with explosives with 159 humans aboard to explode in mid air just to demonstrate to the world the effects of the air embargo due to the lack of spare parts. Before I could recover from that one, many followed. Enough was enough. I have had it I simply could stay no longer. I went home for consultations.

We had to assess the situation based on recommendations drawn up by a panel of experts. We would decide whether to go back. The way I see it now is that Gaddafy is running an ultra extremist faction of a Shaytani branch, which still practices the ancient methods of human deception. If he keeps the pace of destruction, there will be no more Libyans left for us to deceive. Libyans have been our greatest challenge throughout the ages. We succeeded everywhere but have had a total failure with Libyans. If this gentleman stays a few years longer on the helm we will be deprived of that challenge. Most of the people coming to work and to invest in the Libya 2000 and beyond are no challenge.

As I was debating the alternatives and feeling the pain of loosing to Elgaddafi, the head of the panel walked in. He never looked so hopeless. He said, " Understanding the psychology of the gentle man, he fears the Libyans most and he persistently believes that they would be the only source of threat to his reign. Based on that belief he will definitely leave no place for them in the post Lockerbie Libya. He will work harder than ever to get every drop of oil out and away. He will play every trick to make it sound to the potential comers like it is the best place in the world to invest, to make money and to get rich quick. He will say come and get it. It is for free while oil lasts. He will use a great part of the revenues to project himself as a world statesman. He will make the country a place for Kul min Hab ou Deb as long as they are not Libyans while keeping on pushing the Libyans to the limits and into the margins of their own country transforming them into a small powerless and moneyless minority who would live on the handouts of the new comers. He will have enough smoke created by the new gold rush to cover his acts and pursue the implementation of the elimination process.

Based on these facts, the Libyans will seize to exist in a few years. To reverse that trend we recommend the following:

The Libyan population must take to the streets in every city and town demonstrating peacefully and demanding the removal of the regime. What terrifies Elgaddafi most is getting a word that the people are on the streets demanding his removal. It will not take more than a few days before he is purged like a mouse out of a flooded hole.

Once that is done we can go back and do our job that was mandated to us by Allah. For now, we have to put everything on hold and hope the people of Libya would realize that it won't take much to put the dark days behind them and it is never too late.

Majed Ibraheem

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