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Where Would All This Lead?

Dear Dr Ibrahim,

I am one among many Libyans who appreciate your great effort. May Allah reward you for your sincere work.

This is the first time I write in this page although I have followed what has been written from the beginning. I must apologize for not being to write in Arabic. I have not got the software to do that at the moment and I am doing my best to find it.

I must admit that I find happiness in reading some of what our brothers and sisters write. For Libyans who live outside Libya, I believe, this page is a connection to Libya and reminder of all what they miss while they are living abroad. I am one of those Libyans. However, that is not the subject of my letter, or why I am wirting to you.

Why I am writing is that all what we write here seems to be just to relieve our anger, frustration and sadness about what is going on in our home, Libya, and I do not like our efforts to end there. While it is acceptable to write, shout, insult the ruler, show your apinion to the others, expose what you think is wrong in Libya, find what you want the way you want it, I can assure you all that will change nothing at home what so ever. You will ask me "what will change things in Libya and how we can do it". The answer may be difficult to find while we can't find two Libyans agreeing on one thing. But I am quite sure that there are a lot of Libyans who are sincere and truthful in their efforts in bringing about changes. These are the Libyans who count in our battle for change and whom Libya needs at the moment.They are the fuel for change. If their efforts can be combined, organised and used in the right direction then soon we will bear the fruits. Soon we will have our belove Libya on the right track for achieving our dreams of dignifying life for every Libyan. Two things are needed today for that dream to turn to reality. ORGANISATION and CLEARITY OF AIMS. We all agree that unless we are organised nobody will listen to us and unless we know what we want to achieve we will lose direction easily and we may end fighting each other instead of our enemy. I can see that happening between Libyans because of difference of aims. That is exactly what the regime uses against its opponents and has been very successful in that.

I will make things easier for everyone to understand. If I ask myself about the image of Libya that I want to see, or what the change that I seek. I will not need to think much before I answer this question because I know what I want. Libya must be a country where the rights of every Libyan are guarded by a constitution. The constitution must be in a form that all Libyans agree upon. Freedom of expression, possession, activity and so on are among the rights that the constitution guards. Some will say that Islam is the solution and I agree, but the constitution must be there (in the form that all Libyans agree upon) and derived and based on our Islamic belief as a natural outcome of us being 100% muslim society. We must agree on a formula that unites us in our struggle and must not waste energy on trivial things which mean very little when compared with our main aim. Today the Libyan people have no rights (can be taken away from them with a decree whenever the regime wishes), can not talk, critize anything, can not be sure of what would happen to them tomorrow because the regime can do what they wish without having to answer to anybody. They can not get justice in courts because they are not independent. Libyans can not choose who run the country because the regime decides for them and they have to accept, can not ask about our wealth because the regime is saving and investing it for us for next life. Forget to ask about health, education, social services, or the development of the country because you have no right (clearly Libya is not our country any longer). To make Libya our country again (for every Libyan, white or black, western or eastern or southern or fom Sirte) is the main aim of our struggle and we must not forget it.

Once, my brothers and sisters, agree on the aim of our struggle then we can discuss the means to achieve it. The means are easily found if we are one in our goals. Any Libyan who wants to be an icon, let me assure him or her, it is very bad time for it and you could not choose worse time. The efforts that count are those from the ones who want change for the sake of our people. We do not want to repeat the same story. Al-gathafi came to power promising us paradise and most of us believed him. I was one of those who believed him and trusted him but I discovered later that could not be it. I will not go through why or how things turned so ugly and I will not write a plea to Al-gathaffi asking him to resign, or organise a demonstration in Tripoli or Benghazi because that is all not possible and every one of us knows why. Libyans clearly can not and must no longer trust anybody with their future and the future of their children. 32 years of dictatorship and misery and suffering can make even the thick ones learn that there must be a better way to do things. The means for change have to be peaceful (unless one of our sons in the army has another way) and we must own patience to carry them on. We do not need to educate Libyans of what is going on in Libya. We can spare the effort because every Libyan knows. We must let the world know about our struggle. We must encourage Libyans to protest and not to fear the regime, we must expose the regime to the whole world (human rights issue and democracy are some of our weapons). All Libyan opposition groups must join together (we obviously have one goal so why we have so many groups). Later when we achieve our goal we can have all these groups.

The door must be kept open for any Libyan to contribute and we must be always ready to offer sacrificies. Are we ready?

I hope I will hear your say (everyone interested in our national struggle) on this webpage. Please critize my ideas because that, for me, means I reached you. I am just a human like any of you and I surely am able to make mistakes.

I ask Allah to unite us in our struggle for the good of our people in Libya and let us among his righteous people. Ameen.

W'assalam Alaikom.

Your Brother

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