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Amaziegh Names

Azull Fellawen

Dear Libyan brothers and sisters

First of all, I would like to thank Dr. Ibrahim for his efforts in keeping this site running and enabling the Libyans to express their truthful feelings about Libya and its everyday political, social and economical life.

The main reason that triggered me to write the following lines is the debate about the Libyan Amaziegh and their rights, and also the arguments that took place several days ago with some ignorance about the Amaziegh names. I myself feel sorry about discussing this matter, and I wished to put forward something more useful for all of us. However, unfortunately instead of moving forward in our discussion and arguments concerning our real daily problems, there are still some Libyans who let us down by their meaningless arguments and misjudgment.

In the next few paragraphs, I would like to give brief comments dedicated to all my Libyan brothers and sisters in general and the Amaziegh in particular, regarding the above mentioned issue.

Due to unavailability of the Arabic word processor, I do apologize for any English grammatical errors.

- It looks like the issue of the Amaziegh names has not been appreciated or received full acceptance by many ignorant people. Unfortunately, this rejection was announced by those who claim to be well educated (like, Abukhashame, who should feel shame) and top level muslims. The worst thing is that some of them went much further to argue that naming in Amaziegh is against Islam, and those people who call their children Amaziegh names, God would ask them about it!!! (imagine what sort of ignorant we have in our society).

- In the best of my understanding, there are no best names, and I am still baffled with those Ubeda and Humeda names. All of us probably know that the Prophet Mohamed, Pease Upon Him (PUH) named his son as Ibrahim, a non-Arabic name. I believe that everybody agrees that this is an indication of how he was proud with his non-Arabic grandfather, the Prophet Ibrahim (the first Muslim). Even the Prophet Mohamed’s grandchildren were named neither Ubeda nor Humeda. They were called Al-Hassan and Al-Hussien. In addition to that, most of the Prophets who are mentioned in the Quran were having non-Arabic names. Shouldn’t we name our children like their names?

- Just to remind you brothers and sisters that, when the Prophet Mohamed (PUH) sent his companions (messengers) to the Kings of Eygpt, Roman and Alforss. They had been asked a question by the Kings, “what did you come for”? The messengers replied, “we came to convert the people from worshipping other people to worship one God”. They did not say that they had come to Arabize people.

- So, the question is, why the hell we (especially Amaziegh) do not try to understand these facts? My dear respected Libyans, it was never stated that Arabic names represent Islamic names, likewise the Saudi Arabia’s dressing never represented the Islamic dressing. Islam as a religion is very far beyond that simple definition and much more wider than those ignorant thoughts.

- I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all Libyans, to call your new born babies true Libyan (Amaziegh) names. This is part of our heritage, which all of us are proud of. You may name your babies Adrar, Atlas, Libo, Libya, Marn, Messinessa, Axcel, Terret, Sheeshang, Osman, and Efaow. Name them whatever you like, as long as it represents your identity, and does not bring negative connotation.

- I believe that you Amaziegh are the main cause of the disastrous situation that has led to what we are in nowadays, and I agree with Azwari in this regard. You yourselves and our Grandfathers are the reason that led to putting us in a situation worse than the animals. I refer to one of Tefenagh’s articles, where he mentioned that, even the animals’ rights organizations do not discuss the issue of whether animals should be forced to talk different languages. At the same time, in the twenty first century, we still see people discussing whether the Amaziegh are allowed to express in their own language publicly or not. Have you ever asked yourself the question. What is the point of having a name that does not represent my identity? I urge every Amaziegh to reconsider their non-Amaziegh names, and do not blame the ignorant anymore, if you at least do not consider Amaziegh naming. I know it’s not allowed, however, we should do our best to achieve that.

- Finally, I would like to express my thanks and deep gratitude to those, who tried to put forward the Amaziegh issue in a fair manner. Thanks to Azwari, Adrar Nafosa, Tefenagh, Madi and all others, who are trying their best to point out and tackle the miserable situation the Amaziegh are facing. I hope someone somewhere is collecting all your articles and publishes all of them together on one Website. Hopefully, one day no body knows when, that your historic articles would be retrieved publicly in our lovely home country “LIBYA” as a black dot in the Libyan Amaziegh history. Special thanks to Madi for his worthy effort, the Website Eventhough, I do support the Latin letters version of Tamazieght. However, your job is very highly appreciated.

Africa for Africans,
Tamizgha for Amaziegh, and
Only well behaved foreigners are welcomed.



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