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The Truth Has Been Twisted

Dr. Ibrahim,

I was surprised with your account of the events of the 7th of April 1976. You tried to twist the truth, by claiming that, pro-Qadaffi students in the University of Tripoli, attacked other students in response to Qadaffi's call. I think our people and our beloved Libya deserve more accurate accounts and more rational views of those days from yourself and others who were there, regardless of their side.

The facts which you had tried to ignore in the past and now, are those which could be painful to you and a lot of communist comrades who did try to thrive in a Moslem conservative nation and try to benefit from the arrogance and ignorance of the Qadaffi regime. You have to tell that there are a lot of Libyans who had their view and ideology and not part of the red machine of the ailing communists in the late seventies. There are the nationalists who you did try to portray as "antennaat" and the Moslem brotherhood, who you portrayed as "zalamiin", i.e. men of the dark.

I think you still remember Al Mahatta "communist", Atthaqafa "nationalist" and Afaaq "Moslem brotherhood" wall journals. You never accepted the other side and you will never accept that again and again as "moatan" has his own view and ideology, which contradict your Marxist beliefs regarding the divine God, the right of ownership and the dignity of a human being. Thank God those oppressive ideologies are gone for ever with the demise of the Soviet Union - the Evil Empire, which was your ideals despite your living in "Bilad Alaam Sam".

I still remember you wearing the blue jeans, shirt and trousers; throwing stones at the high school kids who were brought to the University of Tripoli by the student union for reasons not clear for the nationalists too. And I think it was a surprise for both the communist and nationalist students the presence of the high school kids, and as you know your communist comrades tried to sabotage the university, kidnap other activists and to fool the masses with slogans to connect them with the Qadaffi government. By labelling the Moslem brotherhood "zalamiin" and the nationalists as "antennaat", the communists thought wrongly they could fool the masses in their popular cause. The Communists did instigate violent actions against the students of the University of Tripoli by barricading in the night before the 7th of April in clear intention to harm as many students as they could, who dared to refuse their ideologies and who were clearly distinguished between the ideology conflict between the different groups and the disaster regime of Qadaffi. They avoided siding anyone of the conflict parties and definitely not interested in the dying Marxist/Leninist ideology. I think you remember your word "moghaffal nafa" which you and your comrades labelled the majority of the students.

Please use your intellect and your experience in serving your country's cause, and benefit from your presence in a democratic society with no exclusion and belittling the others regardless of their views. And grow up as your years have grown up. I have no intention to defend anyone, but to sing on broken "tabla" does not serve our cause. The 7th of April 1976, was a real tragedy and the Qadaffi regime benefited a lot from its results, and destroyed the dialogue which was already started at our colleges and high schools.

For your information most of the activists from all parties in those days are either in exile, in prison, or in their graves, including the nationalist, Moslem brotherhood and all the true children of Libya. In the last I would like to remind you the nationalists are real before, during and will be after Qadaffi, as far as there are Arab speakers in the world.

Let us, brother, join our hands and try to build trust, brotherhood and the future of our children with the truth and with return to Allah, Subhanahu wa taalla, and submit ourselves to his mighty power.

Yours sincerely,


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