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This gentleman has decided to launch an unjust vicious attack against me and accused me of things I did not do. He did this anonymously under the guise of reviewing my book. I have no idea why he is angry with me but I am very angry with him and wish I can find out his identity to give him a real piece of my fist in person even if I have to go over to where he is. This is my immediate response and it might have a few grammatical mistakes. Please excuse me .

To Mr. Anonymous

I saw your post "The Freudian Slip of Mansour Omar El-Kikhia" and I have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about. This is the most sugarcoated bullet that has ever been hurled at me. Not surprisingly here it comes from what appears to be a Libyan. It seems to me that before you start giving people crosses to carry make sure that you do not end up carrying one yourself. Or is that why you lack the courage and the intellectual honesty to reveal your identity. For all I know you might be one of Qathafi's agents, but that doesn't bother me. I will however answer only three issues that concern me and that you bring up here. The rest is, as far as I am concerned is your views and I am not really interesting in discussing them with you.

The Daniel Pipes Connection

Whether you choose to believe or not, is up to you, but I have not committed any of those things you accuse me of committing and hence I have done nothing to lose sleep over. I do not know Daniel Pipes nor have ever met Daniel Pipes, nor did I ever ask him to review my book. The University of Florida Press published the book and was the one that sent the book to Pipes and other reviewers to review. I had no idea to whom the manuscript was sent. Please do not hold me accountable for anyone liking or disliking the manuscript including Daniel Pipes. Three years ago he sent me a letter asking me if I would be willing to review some of the articles submitted to the Quarterly. I said that I would look at them before I review them. Since then I have not heard from the Quarterly or Pipes. What you must understand is that I have no relationship to repudiate with either Daniel Pipes or the Quarterly. I have never sent them anything nor asked them for anything nor supported them in anything nor ever asked them to publish anything for me. Go and complain if you must to those Arabs including prominent ones who send articles to the journal to be published not me. Besides even if they did send me an article to review, who would you prefer to review an article on the Arabs? A friend or a foe?

I sent my manuscript to Henry Clement Moore at UT Austin and he can testify to what I am saying here. After the Pipes review came out, Clem asked me if I knew Pipes and I told him I did not and asked him his opinion on my reviewing for the Quarterly. I was very hesitant and reluctant to do that and hence the condition to see before I review. Dr. Moore's advice was that there was nothing wrong with reviewing for an academic Journal and in fact I might do more good than harm. The Quarterly did not like the "see before the review" request and thus I have not received anything from them. Dr. Moore is an honest man, an Arabist and alive and well to confirm what I am saying. I also sent it to two other ARAB reviewers who were encouraged to seriously critique it. For your information it was almost twice as long and I am grateful to these three for their input.

The Ray Takeyh Connection

As far as Mr. Ray Takeyh is concerned. I met Mr. Takeyh in Washington during a Congressional hearing last year. He was with me on the same panel along with Mr. Turbi. What was said in that meeting is public record that you can find on the web or the LNL. I had no control on who was invited to participate. After the presentation everyone went his own way Period. I did not ask Mr. Takeyh to review my book and I didn't even talk to him. Unknown to me he was asked to review my work by the British Journal of Libyan Studies for the Center for Libyan Studies of which he is a member of the editorial board. I do not belong to it but a number of good Libyan scholars do belong to the editorial board. The editor in chief is a good and decent Libyan. Are they all traitors to the Arab cause because they have with them a Jew who writes on Libya? The LNL also posts pieces by Mr. Takeyh. Some I agree with and some I do not, but I will never accuse the owners of the LNL of being anti-Libyan or anti-Arab. Look at what this guy is saying and if you do not agree give a counter argument. Again have some shame and stop holding me accountable for peoples' likes and dislikes including your own. If you like it well and good and if you don't that is up to you. Write one on the same subject and do it as you see fit. You might not agree with anything I say including the Palestinian revolution as well as General Qathafi, but that is all right I might not agree with your ideas either. Surely we can agree on that? The rest of the people you mention have nothing to do with me. Perhaps quoting them makes you feel good and appear important.

However, is it not funny that you decided to only quote the only two Jewish and none of the other non-Jewish, Arab and non-Arab reviewers who also reviewed the book? I wonder why? What is in your mind and what makes you tick? Jealousy perhaps? Insecurity? Shame? Low self-esteem that propels you into trying to bringing decent people down to your level with false accusations. I want you to know you will not succeed, but what ever it is get it in your thick head, I had no control over who reviewed the book so stop blaming me for things I have no control over.

Your Connection

Thirdly, your connection. I can deal with the above two because I know were I stand in relation to them and they know where they stand in relations to me. Also it is easier to deal with one's enemy than one's friend. You on the other hand where do you stand? Do you think you have served my or your cause in this foolish impetuous manner, or do you think that by brining up the name of Mansour, Nuri or Mustafa Ben Amer you acquired legitimacy in my eyes or anyone else reading your diatribe? Your problem seems to be not with Mansour Omar El-Kikhia, but with the El-Kikhia family as a whole, something that puts you in the same camp as Mr. Qathafi. My friend, does that give me the right to accuse you of being a Qathafi stooge. My honor and sense of fair play tells me it does not even though you might be in every sense of the word. I am sorry you have me at a disadvantage because I do not know who you are, neither your age nor your national origin, but I will assume that you are a Libyan.

Omar Pasha Mansour is my father and this is the name he liked to be called by. Maybe you do not honor yours, but I honor both my father and my mother. This is how he like to be referred to but I am not obliged to tell you that. If you know anything about him you will know that he was fighting for Libya long before your grandfather was born, and that he did not buy his title but earned it. You can of course go ahead and believe what Qathafi is trying to say about him but that will not change from the truth that is backed by fact. Without my saying so he was one of the architects of modern Libya and that is what he said. You can of course choose not to believe it but that does not negate it. That is what he said and I said nothing about him that was not said by others in writing whether you like it or not. I am not asking you to adopt what I say about him and if you have something to prove otherwise then produce it. I am now writing his history to determine what kind of person he was. His history will speak for itself, and when it is done and if you have any objections to what I write as you most probably will, then by all means go ahead and criticize. That is you right.

Finally please do not try to teach me my commitment to the Palestinian cause. You do not know my history or me. One of these days you will find that this man you are now accusing of bargaining with the Palestinian cause has served Palestine and Palestinians in one lifetime, more than what you will do in two no matter who you are. If you really honor the memory of Mansour or you call yourself the friend of Nuri or a friend of my friends then the right thing to do before you start this diatribe is either pick up the phone or send me e-mail and simply ask me "Dr. what is your relation with the enemies of Palestine?" I assure you my answer would have been what I wrote here for you. I have nothing to apologize for nor repudiate and if you still do not believe me then do what you want and you can carry your cross when you face your Lord. If you are a Muslim then keep in mind the verse that begins with "Ya ayuha altheen amanu itha jaa'kum FASIQUN benabain." This, by the way goes for all the good readers of this page. I have done nothing, written nothing, and said nothing that dishonors me, shames me, or my family, community, or country. I do not have to answer to you or to anyone except Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. I have little patience or respect for anonymous self-aggrandizement. Don't talk. Do if you haven't done and stop peddling the Palestinian cause without justification.

Also from what I have seen, I firmly believe in the ability of Libyans visiting this room to distinguish between my diatribe and yours. Furthermore, criticism by people like you comes with the territory. The book is still available in stores and in libraries, and they can be my judges. I assure you I make very little money of it and all I make goes to the San Antonio Islamic Community Center. Not a cent has gone to my pocket.

PS. As far as Abu Nidal is concerned don't take my word for it, but take the words of Arafat and the Doctor. I still believe he is a thug for hire who did more damage to the Palestinian cause than the Israelis. At least I know them to be thieves, murderers and my enemies. But excuse me I forgot you already proved that you don't seem to be able to distinguish between friend and foe. Good luck to you in whatever you decide to do I will not respond to you again because you are not worth the time spent, and the pain you have unjustly inflicted on me and my character. I am not interested in anything more you have to say.

Mansour O. El-Kikhia

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