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Whom are you trying to fool?

Dear Ibrahim

Thanks again for the outstanding service that you continue to provide to the Libyan community in the United States and abroad.

When I read the minutes of the last meeting and the thoughts of Mr. El-Deeb, who was one of the participants, about it, I felt I should give my thoughts about the meeting too.

My first question to Mr. El-Deeb is: what kind of a democratic discussion did you and your fellow participants have with Dourda!? Did you discuss the human rights issue in Libya? Did you discuss the freedom of political prisoners in Gaddafi's jails? Did you talk about the state of the health care, the education, the economy, the unemployment? May be you tackled the subject of corruption, the moral decay or the robbing of the country's wealth by Gaddafi and his lieutenants, such as, Dourda...etc.

Just tell us what did you and your 21 most "educated" fellow participants accomplish in this meeting? Did you ease the daily suffering and terror of the Libyans by the outlawed regime that you just met with one of its representative in N.Y.? What was your input on all these issues Mr. El-Deeb? and finally, who are those leaders whom you talked about in your thoughts!? Libyans have no leaders running their country for the last thirty years, but they do have butchers, thieves, gangs, criminals, thugs and blood suckers.

The participants of the this last meeting reached the following decisions/ understandings!!!

1 -     The continuation of such meetings will improve Libyan social relations within the community in the U.S.A. My question is: who told you that the community is having problem in this matter? After all, the community did not appoint you or ask you to conduct these meetings on their behalf and look into their problems and solve them. Actually by doing this you are contradicting your last statement in your meeting's minutes (...that you are not representing the community). So, how could you solve the community problems if its people didn't ask you or elect you or give you an authorization for that matter?

2 -     Facilitate and help the Libyans who want to visit their home by issuing them ID cards and establishing an office that will deal with their issues/problems. There will be no problem for any of you going home, you can go any time you want. On the other hand, many Libyans who live in the U.S. made their decision of not to go home as a matter of principle. They don't want to be humiliated, hurled like a herd of sheep, or pushed around by Gaddafi's thugs. They are free and proud crowd.

3 -     The establishment of the Libyan fund (by the attendants' donations and their monthly contributions) that eventually will take care of the community members needs, such as medical coverage or scholarships. How could you support project like this and through your personal contribution while you couldn't even afford your N.Y. travel expenses (you waited until Dourda sent you the airplane tickets). Whom are you trying to fool?

Omar Daboub

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