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To the NFSL and others

To the NFSL and others,

It is the 1st September revolution, which introduced democracy in Libya. Before fascist Italian colonization, the Turkish ruled with their oppressive system of government in North Africa. Fascist Italians and British colonizers introduced autocracy to the so-called Libyan Kingdom where people did not have the right to be involved in politics, unless, you would think what was going back then was a democracy.

Everything was determined in London -and later in the Washington- and executed by their puppet "sedkam Idris" back home! In March 1977, the Libyan revolution after kicking out all forms of colonization from Army bases, Italian settlers and foreign oil companies absorbing the country wealth with cheap price; chose direct democracy, a Government by-the-people to the people.

Democracy is not a foolproof system or one that is easily implemented. Libyan people had no experience at all before 1969. Many countries did fail to uphold the democratic system.

If the Libyans could see the reality and make appropriate assessments of the Libyan direct democracy system, obviously they will continue to support and protect this system.

But today, some stray people (with foreign agenda) are trying very hard to spread lies, to incite hatred against our democracy and to prevent people from seeing the truth. The CIA puppet called NFSL, since it was created, its strategies have been focused on inciting hatred for the Libyan Leader because it claims his way of democracy is not Islamic!!! Until today, NFSL has not been able to provide anything but "Bayanat"! 20 years of 'bayanat", what achievements for democracy!

The objective of NFSL is to rule. For this, NFSL is willing to do anything. If NFSL is required to fool young Libyans to be trained by Minnesota militia, NFSL is willing to do so. Certainly if "Hebere" the Dictator of Chad then would help, no problem. The important thing for NFSL and its likes is to rule, no matter what the price is. Democracy is the last thing if there such thing in their mind called democracy!

Democracy is the creation of a man to overcome problems in society. But it is not free from defects. Therefore, the results of practicing democracy are not always positive. Do not be obsessed with democracy to the extend that everything is practiced because its legitimized by democracy. Extreme democracy has resulted many negative things. Many countries could not be governed and developed because of attempts to practice everything deemed democratic, especially the liberal Western democracy. Democracy is good but its benefits are more important.

The objective of the Libyan democracy is not to make anybody powerful or wealthy. The main objective is to make all Libyans FREE. However, it is impossible to advance the Libyans without a powerful leader. Islam accepts the fact that there will be people who are poor and those who are rich, those who are given power and those who are not. There is no democracy that possibly make all people into powerful leaders or rich people. But we can reduce the gap between rich and poor. What democracy can do is, make all people able to stand as equals with other people in the world.


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