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Where Is The Evidence?!

Last Monday 5/2/2001 every one was sitting in Bab El-Azizia waiting for Gadafi to deliver new evidences to prove to the world that ElMagerhy is innocent. The leader appeared in very blue stylish African style with astonishing hat. The press conference called by his press secretary and not to every one to attend. No BuBker Younis, no ElKawaldi, no ElSunusi, no Musa Kusa, no Shalgam or ElShawash. The seen was prepared in front of his old house which was destroyed by the American bombers in 1986. His adopted daughter and another 36 civilian were killed in Tripoli and Benghazi. Off course Gadafi and all his family were asleep in this house and no one hurt except his adopted daughter who was sleeping in the same house next to his bedroom!!!!. Pictures of victims were displayed behind Gadafi as one of evidences Gadafi want to prove to the world that Mr Abdulbaset Elmagerahy is innocent. Every one was very anxious and waiting to hear what are these evidences and two hours past and Gadafi had not mentioned any new single evidence. One minute he will talk about what others said and one minute he would talk about the victims who were killed in 1986. At the end every one was very disappointed and left the seen and their pens were very cold and their hands were not tired from writing. Some even went further and start listening to the recorder, he or she may missed hearing Gadafi mentioning something and they missed it. Nothing to miss and nothing to report and nothing to be excited about. You could see all the journalist's faces were showing disatisfaction as they were waiting for 3 or 4 days for this press conference and some even cought the first flight to Tripoli as soon as Gadafi mentioned new evidences on first day after the judges delivered the verdict.

The next few hours it appeared to every one that Gadafi had not brought any thing new which may help poor Abdulbaset who was also watching. Poor Abdulbaset who subsequently suffered from depression and now refusing to eat or talk to any one. He has been made a scapegoat for this trial and instead of him, Abdullah Elsunusi and Gadafi should be there. Who can say that, even the American and the British could not say this and of course the Libyans can not say this about their leader.. They want Gadafi to admit the responsibility and pay compensation. He will pay the compensation but the responsibility they will find way to come around it. Abdullah Elsunusi in recent years has not been very influential and one day he will disappear as Elzadma who was kicked by an angry horse!?.

The press conference and the demonstration following it were done to prove to the Libyans that Gadafi is right. This is not easy to accept but with Gadafi's propaganda and strong media and fear from punishment by intelligence officers, Libyans will say nothing and Gadafi think that he convinced Libyans that Abdualbaset is innocent. The scenario is not finished yet as ElMutamarat are still going on and Mutamer ElShab Elaam will be held in a week or two. There will be new prime minister and new ministers who will accept Gadafi's press conference evidences as a fact and work on them and help Gadafi to come out of this problem. Gadafi needs this new prime minister as his wide relations with western politicians and especially the Americans is very good. The influence of this man (ElHuoni) can already be seen very clear. Today and in the first time Gadafi started to behave as a politician. He sent letters to all the prominent organisations and important head of states in the security council and explained his point of view regarding the Lockerbie and what he wants. This is a tactic that many wise politicians would use in this situation. This is to get every one behind him and ask his influential new prime minister to go and use his friends to solve this problem and make compromises.

The media and Libyan TV are working hard to deliver clear messages to Libyans that Gadafi is very serious about what he said in his press conference on 5/2/2001. They are totally convinced that Gadafi had produced new evidences which no one can see except the Libyan press and Libyan journalists in Libya. No one will say that Gadafi is a liar as he always is. He said many times he is not a politician and we know that politicians are liars and they carry on lying until people believe them. How about Gadafi, he is not politician and has not got the charisma of the a politician. He is a liar by nature like Musailma ElKadab. Now he started to listen to real politicians but not convinced they will sort his problem. He may go back to his old habits and use his demoralised ElTawerian to overcome his depression and cheer him up with new slogans and strong bunches in the air.

The Libyan people are aware and are working hard to secure some daily requirements for their children and they know the score. Gadafi will obey the west and give them what they want as long as he will not not touched. Libyans have no say in this matter at all and they do not bother to do any thing or even talk about it. Gadafi left nothing for them and he proved again that he is not up to the standards of young politicians.

The questions;
Would Gadafi trust ElTawerian again and give them role in his struggle to stay in power?
Would the Americans and the British carry on pressing on him to get what they want?
Is Gadafi going to accept responsibility or just pay the money?
Would journalists go and attend any other press conference held by Gadafi?
Is Gadafi a liar?
Why didn't Essa'di or Aisha say any thing about Lockerbie?

Until another press conference, I shall pray to my God that neither Gadafi nor his prime minister would attend any new press conference.

God bless Libya and the Libyans.


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