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Does Mandela Know What He's Doing?

It's no surprise that the Saudi princes are trying to bail out Qaddafi. Like Qaddafi, they steal the wealth of their country. Like Qaddafi, they intend to remain in power forever; they intend to bequeath their wealth and power to their children. They are part of the same corrupt, criminal environment. Both families control everything in their countries. So the support of Qaddafi by the Saudi princes is entirely logical, though despicable.

Sooner or later, the Saudi princes will suffer the same fate as Qaddafi will suffer at the hands of the Libyan people. Qaddafi even called the Saudi princes "the Pigs of the Peninsula," referring to the Arabian Peninsula, and the Saudi princes accepted his criticism because they know what they are. In fact, they are less than pigs because their true reputations are filthy with the confiscation of their country's wealth. The same is true of Qaddafi. This is why they support each other.

For someone with Mandela's stature to support Qaddafi is nothing short of tragic and outrageous. Once again, monetary support from the Qaddafi regime is the only possible reason for this support. But this is no justification for Mandela's association with the Libyan regime. If Mandela accepts Qaddafi's money, he is accepting money stained with the blood of the Libyan people. Mandela is in danger of destroying his image as a freedom fighter. Is it possible for us to believe that Mandela is not fully aware of Qaddafi's criminal career? If this is the case, let us remind him with a brief sketch of Qaddafi's reign of terror.

Qaddafi's secret service agents and mercenaries have been convicted of murdering Libyan expatriates in several European countries, the United States and Egypt. Qaddafi's agents have committed terrorist acts in several neighboring countries, and six of Qaddafi's agents have been convicted of destroying a French UTA aircraft. After that, a French court judged that Qaddafi should be held accountable and should be brought to trial. Qaddafi appealed the judgment and the French Constitutional Court, the highest court in France, will hold a hearing on February 27, 2001, to rule on the appeal. On January 31, 2001, one of Qaddafi's secret agents was convicted of downing the Pan Am jet over Lockerbie, Scotland. Qaddafi's agents have been accused of the well-known abduction of the oil ministers in Vienna in the mid- 1970s, and this trial is pending. Two weeks ago, the Appeal Court of Cairo nominated a judge to reopen the investigation into the abduction of Mr. Kikhia in Cairo. Mr. Kikhia had been drugged and abducted by Qaddafi's secret agents, then taken to Libya. When he was abducted, Mr. Kikhia was attending a Human Rights Conference. In addition, the Lebanese Shiites are demanding that Qaddafi provide details regarding the disappearance of their leader, because he vanished in Libya after Qaddafi had invited him to visit there. There is no end to the criminal career of Qaddafi.

We haven't even begun to discuss the continual destruction that Qaddafi has heaped on the Libyan people inside Libya. Here, hundreds of Libyans have been executed and imprisoned without due process when their only crime was to hold an opinion that the tyrannical regime deemed contrary to its vile purposes. Qaddafi is an expert of terrorist techniques. On the 22nd of December of 1993, he perpetrated a disaster on the Libyan people by having a Libyan civilian airplane carrying 143 passengers shot down. He blamed the downing of the plane on Western economic sanctions because he claimed no spare parts were available. Then, in reference to the Lockerbie tragedy, he told the world, "Now we are even." Qaddafi is nothing but an insane animal with no conscience whatsoever.

Qaddafi established various "revolutionary" committees to implement physical liquidation and violence as political tools against the Libyan people. This was intended to suppress dissenting opinion and establish an environment of fear and obedience. Qaddafi's career of criminal behavior has been a lengthy one: 32 years. And we have not yet begun to talk about the economic degradation and steps backward that he has perpetrated on his people. He has stolen the wealth of the country.

Does Mandela really want to associate himself with this career criminal? If that's the case, then he will be throwing away much of what he has gained. Mandela paid a high price to gain the worldwide image he has. He is not worthy of associating with and supporting an animal like Qaddafi.

"The condition that Qaddafi must accept responsibility for Lockerbie is totally unacceptable," Mr. Mandela insisted. "As President for five years I know that my intelligence services many times didn't inform me before they took action. Sometimes I approved, sometime I reprimanded them. Unless it's clear that Gaddafi was involved in giving orders it's unfair to act on that basis." Mr. Mandela said.

How many aircraft have been destroyed by Mandela's intelligence agents without his knowledge? How many people have been hanged on the streets, their executons broadcast on television, without Mandela's knowledge. This is what happened in Libya. How many terrorist attacks on neighboring countries has Mandela's agents committed without his knowledge? How many wars have been fought by Mandela's army without his knowledge? Shame on you, Mr. Mandela, for supporting a pig like Qaddafi.

Libya was engaged in three wars, and Qaddafi claimed he had no knowledge of them. Libya blew up three civilian airplanes--one a French plane flying over Niger, one American over Lockerbie, and one Libyan plane about to land at Tripoli Airport--and Qaddafi claimed he knew nothing. Obviously, there is no way that Qaddafi could not have knowledge of all of these activities. It is obvious that he himself is the mastermind behind them.

The Libyan people have had nothing to do with all of these atrocities. Qaddafi should be held accountable. He should be extradited to an international court and tried. At the very least, Qaddafi should accept responsibility, disappear and let the Libyan people rebuild their country. He is the person responsible for the incredible waste of Libyan resources and the damage done to Libya's reputation. Eventually the Libyan people will be victorious in their struggle to rid themselves of this horrible dictator.

Down with all tyrants, thieves and those who affiliate with them!

I salute the struggle of the Libyan people against oppression!

Mohamed Ehwesa

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