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Can't you see?

Ya [ Masoud ] Buisir,

Do you think that the Iranians are moving against the Khomainis out of their own well. The West is all behind this, all the West is worried about is to wipe out something called Islam in any form Shia or Sunni and get the crude oil resources of Muslim countries. Can't you see the pressure created on the Saudis by Bill Richardson? He said: open the oil taps or we will....!

I am sure the West will be happy if Iranian Women start to behave like American Women every Friday in the nightclubs in (...) or (...) and Muslim men mouth is on the bottle [Liquor] every weekend if not daily.

Can't you see how extensive the coverage of the western media at and of the Iranian Elections?

The Libyans will never get peace of mind untill they come back to the Quran and Sunna that their ancestors followed. Recently I read a letter in which the writer attacked 'Aysha Algadafi and Safia Albar'asiya. Is this the "Adab" our parents tought us to follow? I thought we Libyans are among the best respecters of women and never attack women, whatever the mistakes of their father or husband. Say what you like about Algadafi because he is a man but avoid talking about women.

I Think you know well that the prohpet [SAW] in his last sermon told us to look after women and respect them and make them comfortable.

Believe me if we get a secular government in Libya, it will be worse than Algadafi with bribes every where, just like those who used to go to work drunk in the days of the kingdom where you find bottles of liqour and beer everywhere.

Do you know why the British moved quickly and opened an embassy in Tripoli? It is because they know Gaddafi's end is near as he reaches his 60's. They will find a substitute for him sooner or later and they will make sure that no faithful Muslim takes office and applies the Shari'a in Libya. Look at what the Turks did to Nejmeddin Arbakam, the former prime minister of Turkey, they jailed him yesterday for 1 year for asking the Turks to follow the Quran and revive theie Islamic heritage.

One of the best Successes in Islam is family stability and the low number of divorces in comparison to the Western societieis. The West is now targetting this stability in the name of women rights with campaigns and demonstrations as you can see in Morroco and Egypt. The West knows very well if they succeed in destabilizing the Muslim family unit, men will resort to "Haram" and Islam becomes ink on paper only, not in practice.The Morrocan protestors are asking for more women rights and that is organised and funded by the World Bank! .

The prophet [SAW] Said 'the righteousness [SALAH] of the society depends on how righteous its women are' that is if the women are "fasiqaat" men will become "fasiqeen: too and the society will be rotten.

What the West is trying to do is to undermine the Muslim family stability, hence Islamic stability.

My friend, the Spider [CIA+MI5] is still alive and her legs are in every capital in the Islamic countries, you have just to search to find it.....



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