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"Yibghiha hamra, jarrayah, wa matakilsh alsha'eer"

      After reading most of the posts related to Dorda's meeting sessions with some Libyans in the USA, I came to think of few remarks about the issue.

      1) No citizen of any country "needs" an official invitation nor particularly a “permission” to enter or leave her/his country. How on earth any Libyan is officially "invited" and/or "permitted" to visit Libya?? As if it is not a right?? Guests in your home is self contradictory.

      2) The meeting (meetings) that took place did not, do not (and ought to) tackle the issue of KILLING Libyans primarily because they opposed, have another opinion and voiced their views. Having another opinion does not necessarily mean (and often does not imply) the cruel and Fascist assumption of “enemy of the state”. Enemy, by definition, is an outsider. Gaddafi’s regime failed to realize that it is the RIGHT of all Libyans to say liberally whatever, whenever, about anything and anybody. This is not a newly found revelation of theory or practise, it has been in existence for a long time.

      3) All of the world knows, including us, Libyans, that the system of government in Libya is not a democratic one, and in fact it is one of the most totalitarian and dictatorial regimes today. What is known as “Sultat Al-Sha'b” is just an expression with no meaningful power. After all, Gaddafi is still considered the head of state by the world. Just because he claims otherwise does not make it so. Gaddafi’s regime has a strong correlation and similarities between itself and NAZIS and FASCISTS. As to how that relates to the topic, it, hopefully, serves as a reminder to Dorda, those who attended, readers of this page and Gaddafi himself of this fact and consequently, the meetings and their unnecessary publicity are deemed meaningless and/or worthless. Every government on this planet strives (and must do so) to provide assistance to its people whenever and wherever they need it unconditionally (particularly when out of their country's borders). The Libyan government is one of the few today that does not do that. If Dorda knows his job description even remotely well, he would not make a big deal out of these meetings and neither would the attendants. This is a routine and trivial, yet important, duty and should have been done without undue emphasis or publicity. It is the publicity associated with the meetings that alerts the minds to the question: WHAT IS YOUR
POINT?? Isn’t that what ambassadors and counsellors do??

      4) Furthermore, Dorda and “his” office must provide assistance to all Libyans exhaustively; regardless of their political views, religiousness, age, sex, place of birth and/or any other discriminatory criteria(s). All Libyans must have access to all of the customary services equally and promptly, because Dorda, or any one else including Gaddafi, is not providing these services on a charitable basis. These services and the likes should be guaranteed to all Libyans and must not be considered a gift = “minnah” nor equivalent to a gesture of good will - not to mention he is not providing them from his "father’s pockets".

      5) There are many famous names that are associated with opposition who are not on the meetings’ lists (as an example of neutrality and good faith, they should have been included because they are also Libyans and hence have a right to any of the services). For Dorda to exclude them deliberately is equivalent to entering a home from the back door. Or as the Libyan proverb says “yibghiha hamra, jarrayah, wa matakilsh alsha'eer” = “he wants it (horse) beautifully red in colour, speedy and does not consume barley”.

      6) The Libyan government is also the only government whose first priority is to destroy, decimate of and grind = "sahq" those who do not conform (Nazi/Fascist similarity). What do you think these people would do?? Put yourself in their shoes, and you will find instantly that they naturally would either go onto a rampage and/or go into exile (and still be in a rampage). Gaddafi regime must realize that its existence, as a government, is only to SERVE and OBEY not to issue ORDERS, otherwise, as history clearly teaches us, it will be considered a "Zetah" in the hurricanes of time.

A libyan

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