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Poetry and Internet Security

Bism Ellah Alhamdulillah wa Allah Akber wa Assalatu wa Salamo ala Rasul Allah Muhammad ibn Abdullah,

First, poetry in Islam is classified into two types:

a ) Poetry targeting one of the sexes that is towards women or from women to men or targeting another tribe or person and humiliating them ... this type is Haram Mutlaq, absolutley forbidden as Allah stated in the Glorious Quran, poets are brothers of Shiateen, poets are brothers of satan in surat alshoara (poets). Therefore, the poet [Khaled] Alzintani is a brother of the satans in Jahannam.

b ) Poetry to elevate morale and courage during battles praising Mujahideen or praising a person for his generosity or good deeds is permissible as the prophet (saw) used to have a poet.

Second, to Usama: you asked about security, the Internet is the least secure media available now. Your e-mail can be interrupted and copied and you can be traced to where you sitting but that requires technology; the evidence is that those who sent few viruses were caught immediately like the "Melissa virus" and the "I love you virus" and so on... If you take part in this discussion website you must understand this, my word to you is "if they want you they can get you."

Third, it is sad to see the Syrians cutting their hair and clapping their faces for Hafez al-Asad when the prophet (saw) warned against any noise or body harm when a loved one dies, they announced 40 days mourning and that is also Haram. The only period allowed is 3 days with Duaa for the forgivness of the dead. May Allah forgive Hafez al-Asad who ordered his security men to cut the Hijab from the Muslim sisters in the streets of Demashk and he forbid Hijab. May Allah forgive him because Jahannam is much harder than his foolish orders, we also pray for his son to be guided to the right path, the path of Alkitab wa Al Sunna.

Ya Azzwari: go to (...) when you are a Muslim, all Muslims black or white are the same, like the teeth of a comb.


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