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Abou Mus'ab: It Is Your Chance To Tell The Truth

Eid Mubarak Abou-Mus'ab

As we always trying to avoid mention names and say nasty things to people. I was always calling for people like Abu-Mus'ab to join us for discussion and I am telling Abu Musab, I am very sorry to write in English as my silly excuse I have not installed an Arabic softwear. I read your last three letters and some response from few angry people as there is no one want to discuss any thing with them. Their views about your ideas are wrong as from your letters you want to engage in discussion which may help you and help us to find some thing that may help Libyans.

I am not sure about your sympathy with Gadafi but that is your problem. Libya is your country as it is mine and it is the country for all Libyans. If you are living in Libya now and you are very close to any hospital, school or even to any street, you probably not visiting the hospitals as you are very close to the regime and if you or your family have medical problems you will go to very expensive private clinics in Libya or to another country. The hospital are deprived even from the cotton wool, sterile injections, medicine and there are nothing for various investigations. The highest incidence for cross infection in surgical world are in many hospitals in Libya as there is nothing to clean with and theatres are very dirty and wards are very very dirty. I am asking you to go and gives us an honest report about one hospital and you chose which one you like and I will believe you. There is no point to give full report from our side when you are defending the regime and his policy. The best thing is for you to give us facts and then we will be able to give you a full response.

You can see things in a different way and we and many in Libya have not heard any one from the regime talking about these problems. The reason for addressing these problems not to show to the people what is the regime is doing but to engage people in a discussion that may help the regime and Libyans to come over these problems. There is no point to go and defend someone without telling the truth from both sides. If Abu-Musab tell us about his view about these problems which I started today with health and education then many other problems will be raised in other discussions. I am not trying to get you in the net but I want you to tell us or may be others who are sympathetic with Gadafi regime may join Abu-musab and help him. All the concerns here are about Libya and what we are trying to do is only for Libya. Gadafi is a Human being and one day he will disappear but Libya is staying. Every one has done mistakes and Gadafi has done many but we should not let him do more.

The second place I want you to visit is any school. Look to the books, desks, classrooms and windows, rest rooms and play grounds. Schools have been left for more than 15 years without any maintenance when Gadafi try to force home learning. The education was left to Ahmed ElBahim to sort it out and he destroyed the education and I hope one day he will be asked why he did this?. The students were demoralised by implementing military services and the green book. The educational level of students from Libyan universities was very low and many left education as they have no hope for jobs and the level of education is very poor. There will be no jobs for them when finishing university and jobs will be given to Egyptians, Iraqis or other African teachers, doctors, engineers or manual workers. As I said Gadafi implemented systematic demoralisation for all the students and terrorised them now and then by executing one of their colleague or jailed groups of them for years. The students hostels and accommodations are like the animal place. You have to bring every thing from your home including food and blankets, mattresses, and cleaning stuff. Imagine a father with four or five children in university and his job as teacher or he works in office and his salary ashigh as 250 Dinar. How can he afford to keep up with what his sons and daughters need. It is very harsh for him and he has to go and do other work or his sons will leave the university and do something else. The systematic demoralisation and destruction suggested by Gadafi and Ahmed Ibrahim started to implement it and others forced it. Another honest report from you will help us and help you say to other people who are accusing you and giving you hard time. If you tell them the truth then everyone will shut his mouth. I am sure you like us and want to go further and tell everyone what is your gut feeling about these two sensitive subjects in Libya. The truth is very bitter but you can say it and you are not losing anything.

Libya is our country as it is yours. Libyans are our brothers and sisters as they are yours. Nothing can be done over one night or with one person or with one letter. Telling every one what is going inside about Gadafi stealing money, he is the son of Jewish women, Esaadi is a football maniac and he is spending money. All of this is known to everyone and there is no need to search as this will not help Libya at all. All these years and Libyans suffer from poverty, lack of reasonable health system, destroyed education, backward agriculture, and destruction for all the family and society value. Who is responsible for all of these? May be Gadafi or may be the Libyans. It is very easy question to answer but who can answer it. If you ask ElTawerian they will say Libyans as they Could not understand the leader and he is always want the best for Libya. On the other hand if you ask the Libyans they will say Gadafi is fully responsible in the last 32 years for all what happened to Libya and Libyans. Many things happened and may be 1000 pages will not be enough to cover them. I don't know what Abu-Musab can say about this?

I hope this is not too much for you Ya Abu-Musab as you said you are a man of truth and like liberal discussion. It is your chance to tell us about your opinion on one of the issues; health and education. I must apologize again for writing in English and I am sure I can express myself much better in Arabic which will be very soon. Abu-musab, if you love Libya how about these few questions which might help you.

1 - Is the education well structured in Libya
2 - Do students have freedom of expression and can they chose who presents them in
      the student union in Libya?
3 - What is the percentage of unemployment among the age group of 30 years and below?
4 - How many jobs occupied by Egyptians, Iraqis or Africans that Libyans can do?
5 - Are schools well maintained?
6 - Is it guaranteed that every graduate will have a job after finishing university?
7 - Why Gadafi insisting on compulsory and unpaid work for university graduates?
8 - How many schools are closed or to be closed as teachers left to do private teaching?

There are many other questions which you may hear from other people.

God bless Libya and the Libyans

Eid Mubarak


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