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We have heard enough

Dear Dr. Ighneiwa;
Asalam Alykum.

I think we have heard enough about the UN mission meetings, i.e. more than what that matter deserves of discussion. Though many seem not to grasp the idea, yet they continue talking in a fruitless discussion and continue questioning the motives of this or that.

I am a frequent visitor of this website and sometimes I come across some letters that I really could not understand their point of view, and the only explanation is that the writers of these letters heard some noise here and there and built their conclusions on that, and started badly criticizing each other and they seem to be even ready to fight.

Before I continue more, let me say that I did not attend any of the NY meetings and I don't think that much can be done there to deserve the trip to NY from NJ not to mention from the Southern part of Texas, where I live. But I still want to congratulate those who 'invested' their time and gave it a shot, at least after 'short time, I hope' when things change nobody would be able to say: well, I extended my hand to you but you didn't even negotiate your demands with me, also not to mention that whatever you can take is an accomplishment, i.e. if you have thousands of legitimate demands but you are able to achieve only one, it's still O.K.

Negotiation is an art and it is also a profession and it has rules and regulations, the simplest of them is that you have to have some cards matching your demands, otherwise nobody will sit and negotiate a damn thing with you. So, what are your cards guys against Qadafi 'please don't mention our dignity, pride...etc' because he does not have any and does not believe in any, this is not a winning card, i.e. this is not good for negotiation with him and his representatives, so, before asking for major changes; can you press for these changes? Can you threaten him? Or make him count your presence. If the answer is NO and it's a big NO, then either be moderate (even mild) with your ambitions and accept what you can get, OR strive hard and organize yourselves and your efforts to improve your cards and then you will be able to dictate what you want if you are still short of making a change.

At the end, I want to reply to some of the brothers' questions that appeared on this page or on "Muntada."

Question: What was the agenda of the NY meetings?

Answer: From reading the letters of the participants it was really clear and conforms with what Mr. Dorda can give or even promise, i.e. to help reducing the misery of those who want to visit home by facilitating their entry to and exit from the Great Prison Of Jamahiria, organizing the community and providing study materials for the kids.

Question: Why only selected people are invited?

Answer: To tell you the truth that is not true and here is why: When I read the concern of the brother who asked that question I called the Libyan mission to pose the question. They offered to invite me immediately but I replied by asking on what basis they invite people and the answer was; they invited anyone they have his/her phone number or address. I told them that most people have contacted you at one time or another to renew their passports so potentially you know how to contact the majority of Libyans here, the answer was NO, we don't keep such records, I 'knowing the status of record keeping in Libya' take that answer.

Mohamed Ali

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