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El-Gaddafi Never Made Mistakes, Not even a Single One

31 years have past since Elgaddafi wrestled power away from the constitutional monarchy. From day 1 he began steering Libya back into poverty and misery. While implementing his plans, he kept the shaker in full operation. Intellectuals and thinkers had early vision of his actions. Those visions were reinforced when Elgaddafi began the elimination process of whom he thought would be the potential opponents. In December 1969 some of the very elements that helped made his revolution become a reality were jailed and later died in prison.

However the general public was mislead by his fire brand rhetoric feeding on the legacy of late Naser, who was extremely popular in the late fifties and sixties in Libya. In 1973 Elgaddafi began to show shades of his real colors when he made the Zwara declaration. Most of the Libyans and the wise men realized that Libya was heading straight to hell. Only god knew the magnitude of destruction the country would go through during Gaddafi's reign.

Gaddafi literally declared an all out war on Libya. While, directing his relentless attack on Libyans, he played and used two main strategies in his war effort:
1 - Deprive the Libyans of their human values while imposing an economic pressure
2 - Deprive Libya of her natural resources and impose a state of poverty on the population while depriving them of their social values. He certainly predicted the outcome of that effort.

Through the course of his 31-year tenure, one can observe a great consistency in implementing these two corner stones of his policy of humiliation and destruction. The more he understands the political and social turf of the country the more oppressive he gets. By 1990 he surely won the battle. He moved on to consolidate his gains by adding more to the miseries of the Libyans. He took the country for a down hill ride. The hill got steeper by the month and the Libyans were moving faster into hell.

Elgaddafi has never wasted a single moment along his journey of sheer terror over the last three decades to loot the national treasury and to siphon away the oil and gas revenues by creating one black hole after another in the form of projects doomed to failure from day one.

Depleting the natural groundwater: early in the seventies he ordered making Libya green by drilling wells everywhere and pumping the water out like never before. The General Water Corporation advised to follow the Italian model of water resources management but he rejected it outright. His minister of agriculture made multi five-year plans promising that Libya would be self sufficient in cereal and produce production at the end of each plan. Land farming deteriorated so much that productivity fell by the mid eighties more than 60%. Different types of diseases unknown before inflicted havoc on plants and fruit trees. Now the seawater is intruding in the highest rate ever and replacing the fresh water. The water table is deteriorating to a point where fruit production would cease to exist. Libya has forever lost one of its most important elements of survival. Was that a mistake?

Let us go through his record and show a few of the obvious acts of terror he conducted against the nation, acts, some of his supporters call as unintentional mistakes:

September 1, 1969: The overthrow of the constitutional monarchy
Banner: Progressive revolution promising the Libyans with heaven on earth
Content: Hell is breaking loose, a break up of a nation is in the making.
Outcome: See below

Banner: Protection of the revolution.
Content: Elimination of potential opposition:
Outcome: As early as December 1969, the Revolution has barely started, two prominent senior officers whose role was vital to the success of the coup (Mousa Ahmed and Adam Alhawwaz) arrested, jailed and later died or killed in prison.
Was that a mistake? No, it was not. It was a calculated step in the long road of terror, death, spread of fear, and the implementation of all types and forms of oppression.

Dismantling the army; the initial steps:
Banner: Liquidation of Traitors
Content: Paving the way for the purge of influential and educated figures in the army
Outcome: Atmosphere of fear and mutual mistrust implanted in the top ranks of the army and the Revolutionary Council Command (RCC)
That was no mistake but premeditated totalitarian act.

Social disorder; initial steps:
Banner: Cultural Revolution, and War on Bureaucracy, and the elimination of the enemies of the Alfatah Revolution.
Content: Nullifying the laws and sowing the seeds of disarray and social breakup
Content: The purging of the intellectuals and the educated, creating havoc in the work place and in all public sectors including health and education
Outcome: Libyans were set in a confrontational course against each other reviving old and forgotten tribal cracks and implanting new ones.
Was that a mistake? Of course not. That was no mistake at all but premeditated act and a step forward in the way of depleting the human resources and destroying a nation.

Depleting the water resources:
Banner: self-sufficiency in Agricultural Products and transforming Libya into an Eden Paradise
Content: Depletion of water resources and looting the national treasury.
Outcome: No more groundwater fit for human consumption or for agricultural purposes, sea water intruding to fill the gap created by the over pumping and may travel to hundreds of kilometers outwards, a problem that will take decades to correct.
Was that a mistake? No it was not. That was no mistake at all but a premeditated act and a step forward in exhausting a nation out of one of its vital resources.

The Elimination of the private business:
Banner: Grouping the Libyan businesses: construction, trade, commerce, etc. (contractors, merchants, consultants, etc) into unions to increase productivity and efficiency.
Content: form weak power centers that can be easily manipulated to execute the plans he has in mind for the population.
Outcome: Total halt of private construction activities including housing resulted in acute shortage of housing, which paved the way to the legalization of Jiasha and private property invasion (Law number 4/78) of 'Albaytu Lisakinihi'; the halt of competitive trade which resulted in acute shortages of basic commodities, then came the halt of private trade altogether and the confiscation of private shops and stores.
Was that a mistake? That was no mistake but premeditated act. A step forward in making unstable economic conditions and forcing business leaders, managers, investors and consultants out of the country, reversing a trend of growth and confidence building that began in the early 60's when Libyans acted as creative bosses and initiated unprecedented economic growth and created the highest standard of living in the region matched only by a few countries in the world and was on the rise to improving even further. Libya was on the way to becoming a regional economic power. Why did Gaddafi reacted so violently to that trend and declared an unheeding war of destruction which, touched every aspect of life in the nation??????

Tarnishing the army reputation and humiliating the Libyan soles:
Banner: An all out military training for the Libyans to defend their Revolution
Content: Humiliation, human degradation, and tarnishing the army reputation in the eyes of the Libyans.
Outcome: Poor or no training, oppression and mistreatment lead the naively innocent Libyans into learning how to fake excuses, lie, run away and be chased in hot pursuit by the military intelligence and the military police. Hide for months without work, led them to steal and deal in illegal trade and drugs. That, of course, contributed to the wide spread of corruption in the country but most important Libyans lost their love for the army and hated to be in any part of it.
Did Elgaddafi make a mistake? No he did not. He planned for so long to reach that end. That was a premeditated act and a step forward in destroying the morale of the people and weakening the Libyan consensus of pride and self-esteem

Banner: Arab Unity:
Content: Plans impossible to sell to the other side tainted with impressions of intimidation: Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria again, Chad, Algeria. It was always the other partner who backs off after the picture becomes clear to them to conclude that Elgaddafi was after no unity but after something else.
Outcome: Arabs lost interest for such a project that has been a dream for many generations. Elgaddafi finally helped put the dream to rest.
Was that a mistake? Certainly that was no mistake but premeditated act in breaking up the Arab World and ending the dream forever, a priceless service to the powers that had nightmares just imagining the Arabs transforming into one united nation.

Attacking places of gathering and destroying the sanctuaries of universities:
Banner: Crush the enemies of the Revolution.
Content: Penetrate the student movement, places of worship and neutralizes all voices opposing the Brother Colonel.
Outcome: Public hangings of innocent soles, who only expressed the other opinion, in broad day light in public squares, transforming schools, universities, and mosques from places of learning and worship in peace into places of fear and intimidation. In universities and schools if both faculty members and students do not support and blindly agree with the Brother Colonel, they would face grave consequences. Qualified administrators were forced to vacate their positions only to be occupied by the revolutionary committee members who fatally altered the school education system. The end result the production of under educated graduates.
Was that a mistake also? No, that was no mistake but a premeditated act aimed at the destruction of the education system.

Keeping the shaker in action:
Banner: The Authority of the People, Direct Democracy:
Content: absolute power at the hands of Elgaddafi through the revolutionary committees, the change is merely in names and slogans.
Outcome: None other than Elgaddafi can have the first or the last say about any of the national and international affairs.
That was no mistake.

Continuing his psychological warfare against Libyans:
Banner: Helping friends in time of need: Ugandan operation to save an ally
Content: airlifting untrained, uninformed, unprepared and poorly equipped old Libyan recruits who were told to be going on a fun trip to a desert agricultural project, and dumping them in the African jungle.
Outcome: The poor old recruits were thrown to their deaths. The injured were dumped into the Mediterranean, the safe were threatened to face death if they ever bring up the Ugandan subject to the public. Atmosphere of fear, intimidation and uncertainty was further reinforced. Many families still do not know about the fate of their loved ones, many presumed them dead, but many others still clinging to faint hopes and dreaming someday the door bell may ring and the loved ones step in.
That was no mistake but premeditated act in driving the morale of the population nose down.

Keeping the shaker in action:
Banner: Compulsory Military Service: Every Country is doing it to reinforce and protect sovereignty, why not us?
Content: The same recipe of the General Military Training began a few years before but more refined and further equipped with the elements and methods of psychological war fare. Harsh treatment, unbalanced discipline, lack of real purpose, and absence of mission. More common, was the factor of humane degradation throughout the operation. No actual end of training term was specified. No one was freed at the end of the declared period.
Outcome: Every member of the population hated the service, the qualified tried to dodge the service one way or another, some even intentionally damaged one part or another of their bodies so not to qualify. Corruption intensified, and a society was witnessing itself transforming from a proud to a humiliated and downgraded one.
That was no mistake but premeditated act in lowering the morale of the population even further dealing a big blow to the younger and energetic part of it.

Keeping the pressure on the economic front and private ownership by ordering the closure of all private business activities:
Banner: Eliminating the exploitation of the people
Content: Deprive the Libyans out of services in the housing, legal, commercial, and others.
Outcome: Libyans had to form in lines to seek services of lawyers, housing draftsmen, engineers, architects, medical services, food stuffs, and every aspect of life through government-sponsored agencies. By doing so, he further stripped Libyans off their pride and dignity, destroyed the peace of their minds and disrupted the process of their daily life. He forced the Libyan to learn how to lie, create excuses, cheat, steel, twist the once respected moral understandings, just to survive.
That was no mistake but premeditated and calculated act in breaking up the Libyan conservative way of life and removing the very pillars that kept the Libyans off the ills of other societies.

The sudden change of currency:
Banner: Forcing Libyans to deposit their cash in banks.
Content: Expose the wealthy, confiscate a large part of their property, further shake the already shaken confidence in the minds of the Libyans in the national economy, push the national economists and business oriented human resources out of the country, drive the Libyans down further into poverty.
Outcome: Libyans lost a large part of their savings, kept streaming out of the country, but many stayed on waiting for winds of change.
That was no mistake but premeditated and calculated act in lowering the standard of living of the population and declaring his crusade of pushing the Libyans down into poverty.

Parading Libyan business figures and some government officials on the national TV:
Banner: Fighting corruption
Content: Public humiliation of whoever remained and escaped the initial waves of purges and dealing the final blow to private enterprise.
Outcome: That was the kiss of death of the entrepreneur approach. It was the final good-bye to market economy and individual creativity.
That was no mistake but a premeditated and calculated act toward the elimination of the Libyan creative human factor to strip the country off its best resources.

Going after the Libyans abroad and eliminating them:
Banner: Protection of the Revolution.
Content: Weaken the potential of any feed back into the country by Libyan businessmen and intellectuals who fled the oppression.
Outcome: Many Libyans abroad were killed and maimed.
That was no mistake but premeditated and calculated act in eliminating the Libyan creative human factor to return or contribute to the well being of the country.

The burning of the documents archived in the National Property and Real-estate Registry:
Banner: No hope of return and claim of property by the enemies of the Revolution.
Outcome: A mess the Libyans have not been able to sort out after over 15 years.
That was no mistake but premeditated and calculated act in eliminating the documentary evidence and thus sowing the seeds of social trouble.

Attacking the central organ of the Libyan society by calling for Libyan young women to rebel against their families and join the Revolutionary Nun Movement:
Banner: Women's liberation and rights of women.
Content: The destruction of the social fabric, attacking the Libyan moral principles, and altering the family framework.
Outcome: Many broken homes. The girls who joined were abused and misused. When they found themselves in a case of no return they allowed themselves to be used and exploited. They were charged with bazaar assignments including recruiting Libyan women to engage in acts of prostitution and drug dealing. Elgaddafi created the perfect medium and conditions for such ills to flourish. He caused the value of the Dinar to drop to 1/12 it is actual value not to mention the suspension of any adjustment of the income of most of the Libyans who were left with no choice but be employees of the government. The only source for survival they were left with was the salary paid to them for the only job they were allowed to have is to work for Gaddafi's government. Elgaddafi took a great advantage of the situation and manipulated the timing of paying the salaries as he wished. Employees have to wait for many months before they get their paychecks. The value is already 12 times less, not taking into account the adjustment for the rising standards of living. Hence he created the perfect environment for corruption.
That was no mistake but premeditated and calculated act to break up the Libyan conservative way of life and to remove the very pillars that kept the Libyans together and off the ills unknown to them just a few years back including organized crime and prostitution. Gold shops were left open and unattended with a broomstick in the door as a sign that the attendant is away and will be back soon.

The Chad Adventure:
Banner: Protect the sovereignty of the nation.
Content: The destruction of the Army, the wealth, and above all teaching the Libyans a lesson in humiliation they never forget.
Outcome: An under equipped and outnumbered Chadi army brought disaster to and defeated one of the largest and most equipped army in the continent. Thousands of Libyans fell prey to the Chadi soldiers. They were either killed in the spot or taken prisoners many of them to die later in the prison camps. Many others strayed in the desert during the shameful and disorganized retreat and never made it home. Among the thousands who fell in the hands of the enemy as prisoners of war were young women. To compound the prisoners' tragedy even further, Elgaddafi never admitted publicly that he went to war with Chad or recognized the fact that Libyans fell in as prisoners of war. That left them totally uncovered by United Nation's conventions. By doing so, Elgaddafi gave the go ahead to the Chadi military to execute the POW's.
That was no mistake but premeditated and calculated act in breaking up of the Libyan army potential and driving the Libyan morale to the lowest level ever.

Creating black holes to drain natural resources:
Banner:Content Development and advancement: The Construction of the 8th world wonders: Annahr Assina'i Al`adheem.
Content: Deprive the Libyans from whatever source of wealth and loot as much wealth as possibly can be done.
Outcome: Nearly $40 billion have gone down the drain so far. Elgaddafi is not through yet. He is not through with the third phase yet. The first phase is already crumbling with collapsing water wells and cracking conveyor tunnels. Phases 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,.., 100000000 are in the pipeline to finish off the remaining resources. Libyans are literally recycling their sewage water for their use. They see Annahr Assina`ai Al`adheem and its water only on the local TV station.
That was no mistake but premeditated and calculated act of stripping the nation out of its wealth and driving the Libyans into poverty that would stretch for many generations to come.

The list of Gaddafy's premeditated acts of the destruction of a nation grows longer by the day. Analysts predict that if he continues to rule for another 15 years Libya and the Libyans will be nothing but some thing of the past. He has been conducting a campaign of terror taking different forms while emphasizing the war of nerves and subjecting the Libyans to a relentless psychological war to drive the capable of them out of the country in a disgraceful manner. He creates a one-way-ticket atmosphere: never come back. The rest of the population who lack the means of relocating will remain there and become a discriminated against, small minority in their own land. They will eventually become an aborigines-like population contained in restricted reservations.

A. Bughalia

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