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Libyan Youth : The Future of Libya Is Ours

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

I begin by saying all praise and thanks are due to Allah the Creator of the heavens and the earth and to Him we shall return.

My young brothers and sisters of Libya,

The time has come for us to come together and rid our people of this dictator named Muammar Gaddafi. We are responsible for the suffering our parents have undergone abroad. I have had enough of sitting around waiting for results. Islam teaches us that change will not come about without action! Logic teaches us that change will not come about without action! Sending letters and writing does not bring results. Jihad brings results!!! I urge all young Libyans to learn how to fight and protect their families. Our time is coming when we will erase this shame from our country and permanently make him and his regime a part of our history like we did the Italian occupation. I thank Dr. Kikhia for his support for my ideas and I consider his comment a compliment. I urge Dr. Kikhia to help me in this endeavor. Bab Alazizia was not enough. It was necessary but not sufficient. We must take our Jihad to Libya again. The older generation living abroad has become content with living a comfortable life. I cannot blame them for this, but we are destined to a life of anguish and pain if we sit back and remain passive. Everyone of us is responsible in front of Allah for allowing this bloodshed in our country to continue. Enough sitting, it's time to STAND!!!

To our parents destined to a lonely life abroad:

We are proud and thankful for your sacrifices for us. We know your intention was to give us a better life here in the States, Britain, etc. We know that you tried to do all in your capability to protect us from harm, but the time has come when we must protect ourselves. It is now our duty to protect you and let you live the rest of your lives happily in the country whose love you so deeply planted in our hearts. It is our obligation to give our country its right on us.

So, if any of Gadhaffi's aides are reading this now, be sure to tell him this: Libya's youth are preparing themselves for a battle. The generation living abroad is a generation that has not been corrupted by your false propaganda, but instead know the truth behind your history. We were raised by honorable parents and taught to stand up for what is right and to eliminate evil. We know that you fear us because we are the only ones with Allah's help that are capable of permanently erasing your memory from our country. I tell you this, "Be very careful, an oppressor's oppression ALWAYS catches up with him."

Again, I urge all my prestigious brothers (Dr. Kikhia, Dr. Imgerief, etc.) to organize the youth. Train them, teach them their religion, assist them, build their hopes and confidence back up. We are coming, we just need leaders.

Peace and Blessings of Allah be on our beloved Prophet Muhammad.

Grandson of Seedi Idris

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