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Belgium Trial ... Action now please!

I thank AbAli and Libi 100% and any others for supporting the idea of a Gadhafi court trial in Belgium for crimes against humanity and agree that what we need is urgent action.

There seems to be three Libya Human Rights groups abroad, The Libyan League, The Libyan Union for Human Rights and Human Rights Solidarity, surely it would be the ideal choice for one or even all of them together! To take up this task.

I would like also to appeal to the Mansour Rashid Kikhya Foundation and to the wife of Dr Mansour to consider putting the Kidnap of Dr Kikhya from Egypt to Libya by Gadhafi’s agents, on Gadhafi’s orders, as a case against Gadhafi.

The kidnapping and killing of Dr Mansour Kikhya is no less horrific a crime than what happened to Mahdi Bin-Barka in Morocco thirty-six years ago, the details of which we see unfolding these days.

Dr Kikhya was a true Libyan patriot, and although he had his own ideological orientation which some of us may differ with, He believed in debate, freedom of speech and a descent Libya for all.
Back in 1973, Dr Kikhya the Lawyer, defended Libyan political prisoners from all backgrounds, Islamist (Ikhwan, Tahreer) Leftists, Nationalists and others. What we can learn from the legacy of Dr Mansour is that we should all rise above our differences, ideological or otherwise, which are healthy differences! and put our efforts together to give us a synergy effect in our fight against a brutal dictator, who has been destroying our country for thirty two years, and to achieve a goal that is common and dear to us all.

I sincerely hope that a group of patriotic Libyan lawyers abroad can take practical steps towards initiating a trial of Gadhafi in Belgium, they can set up a working group, they can set up a fund to finance the case and once they give us the Bank details I and others will be ready to donate what ever we can.

Words, My friends, no matter how true they are, can only come alive if they are translated into actions and it is actions..actions..actions what we need today in Libya.

Ahmed Juma

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