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Libyans abroad do not need Mu'tamarat Sha'biya

Here are few comments about Mr. Scandarani's letter:

First, this letter can be used as a recommendation to be added to Mr. Dorda's resume , whom deserve to be congratulated to survive working with Qaddaffi all these years!.

Second, Mr Scandarani was reimbursed for his plane ticket and other expenses to meet with Mr. Dorda, very soon he will be rewarded a ticket to travel to Libya to represent "Almuatamer Alshaabi Alamreeke" and will be honored to carry the " Yaftah " with his number on it.

Third, in his letter he did not talk about the Libyan People inside Libya and their suffering from the revolution guards. Most of the people I know associated with many opposition groups did not support neither the sanctions on the Libyan People nor the bombing of the innocent people. Many meetings were held with congressmen, many letters and faxes were sent asking for the lifting of those sanctions.

Fourth, instead of discussing the human rights with the brother who cares about this issue, Mr. Scandarani only assumed that the Human Rights Organizations paid this brother. Should we assume too that Mr. Scandarani was paid (!) to say what he had said?

Fifth, the Libyan community here in USA is doing OK and they do not need Muatamarat Shabyya and THE GREEN BOOK.. All they need is to see and hear that there are no political prisoners and the people have freedom of speech, Justice, Constitution and I hope that you - deep in your heart - know the rest of the Libyans' demands.

Sixth, about the meeting in Houston in1982, I was there and the name, which was given, is Libyan Social Association. The first time I heard about (Libyan Friendship Society) was after the NY meeting. Until now I am wondering what they mean by friendship and with whom?

Seventh, we also refuse to be intimidated by you for not publishing our names, addresses, and phone numbers because we still have families back home and we all know what the "Lejan" were ordered to do to them.

Finally, since you said that you are ill. All we can say is " SHAFAKA ALLAH".

Abu Khalid

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