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In your dreams, my friend!

My Dear Brother Dr Ibraheem

Assalamu-Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh.

All praise to Allah the all mighty and peace be upon our prophet and massenger Mohamed.

In response to the letter, that was sent by Zwaree [Letters: 13 February, 2000]
I have few comments:

-   First of all, although Libya is not an ARAB country by history but Muslim settlers from Arabic origin had come to Libya and brought the Arabic language with them. As the only tool to understand the Qur'an properly, Arabic became very much needed and wanted by the locals. Nobody was forced to learn it. My point is: for us LIBYANS to know the Arabic language is for better understanding of our religion, that does not make us Arabs, and that does not make us less LIBYANS.

-   Secondly, Islam is the religion of Libya, and we want no other religions, you want to ask why? here is the answer:

During the occupation times either by the Italians , the British or the Americans, you know who were the people who suffered the most ? The answer is my and your fellow Muslim brothers. I can not understand how could you describe and classify Jews as Libyans. You are doing what your Colonel Qaddafi was trying to do, telling the Libyans that Jews are Libyans and they have every right to come back and get their properties back. That means to strip a Libyan citezen from his farm and house and give to a Jewish settler. That is in your dreams my friend. When Libya was under the embargo, have you heard about a single Jewish voice telling the world that this embargo is not fare and it would hurt only Libyans and it would never hurt Quddafi. No muy friend ... Libya is for Libyans and only Muslim Libyans, that is true; we do not need fanatics to make our lifes like hill. But the only way to avoid that, is to make The Book of Allah and Sunnat Rasuul Allah as our constitution, and trust me my friend: we do not need anything other then that to make us the happiest nation on earth.

A very true Libyan "Abu-Adam"

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