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Some Useful Information For El-Baqqal And Aswad 100%

I was reading some letters on this page, one of them posted by El-Baqqal in May 2001 and the other one posted by Aswad 100% on 12th July regarding cheap food in Libya and the relation between El-Bazin and Hepatitis C respectively.

The reason why El-Baqqal wrote about cheap food in Libya is to convince people that Libya is a cheap country and food is affordable and available to all Libyans. No doubt it is cheap but what value and nutrition you will get from this kind of food. I am going to tell Mr. El-Baqqal few facts about his cheap food.

As you know, food content varies but there are basic components. The carbohydrates, proteins and fats are the major components of our daily food. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements are essentials and we need them in small quantities. This is in general but what was in the letter by Mr. El-Baqqal is very basic food. Sugar, Macaroni, rice, tomato puree and bread are carbohydrates and oil is fat. Carbohydrates are simple which you can get them from fruits, cookies, candy, and any sugary foods. The starch you can get from bread, rice, macaroni and they are difficult to digest.. Carbohydrate supply body with energy and glucose is the main component of carbohydrates. When there is a lot of it, your cells save it and store it in muscles and liver as glycogen. The extra which can not be stored will be changed to fat. This is one of major factor which can lead to overweight and its problems .....???. Simply put, the Libyan food is mainly carbohydrates and it is fattening food.

Fat is the major supply for energy to our bodies. There are two different types, saturated fatty acids comes from animal food like milk, cheese, and some vegetable oils. The unsaturated fatty acids are different - they come from plants and fish which are good for our bodies. Fats are important to our body in reasonable amount and excess of it will lead to obesity and bad health will follow. It gives energy, helps to make up some hormones, helps you to have healthy skin, and helps vitamin A, D, E, and K transported where they are needed. Obesity can lead to heart diseases, adult onset diabetes and high blood pressure. These illnesses are common in Libya as a consequence of unhealthy diet which El-Baqqal mentioned as cheap food in Libya.

Proteins are very essential to our body and they protect our body and brain. It is very important for our bodies to have protein supply on daily basis. Proteinís biggest job is to build up, keep up and replace the damaged tissues in your body. Your muscle, your organs and many of hormones are made up of proteins. It is part of our blood (Hemoglobin) which very essential of carrying around the oxygen to every cell in your body, it makes antibodies to fight infection, and helps for any cuts or wounds to heal. The major supplies of proteins are from red and white meat, and from plants like beans, peas, check peas ...etc. Of course meat is very expensive in Libya. One kilo of lamb or sheep meat can cost between 10 to 12 LD, average chicken can cost up to 10 LD, and beef and camel meat are not always available and one kilo can cost up to 8-10 LD. The average Libyan family needs one kilo per day per one meal. The average monthly earning for Libyans is 130 LD. This is to cover every thing; food, cloths, petrol, medicine, water, electricity, travel and cigarettes. Maybe once a month, the average family can have a meal with meat. The beans and others are totally dependant on the farmers who are totally dependant on water supply which is the biggest problem in Libya, even The Man-Made river proved to be a major failure project.

The conclusion from the list that Mr. El-Baqqal provided on this page is what most Libyans can afford to buy and feed their families. Most of it is carbohydrates and bad quality. If it is consumed in large quantities for years it will turn a healthy person into a chronically ill, useless and unproductive person. He/she may become anemic, weak and prone to deadly diseases. Mr. El-Baqqal proved to us and to every one that Libyans are systematically exposed to long term unhealthy diet from his cheap list. It is not fair for a baby to be deprived from all the essentials that his/her body and brain need in order for him/her to grow and live a healthy and productive life. It is the responsibility of all doctors in Libya to look at this matter carefully and write about it. It is the state responsibility to provide and maintain such a high standard of nutrition and healthy food. Libya is a rich country and can afford that very easily. Money spent on Abu Sayaf and the Philippines hostages can provide Libyans with essentials for months. It is too painful to talk about this as I see many children who are malnourished and adults who look tired and shattered. El-Baqqal showed his ignorance as many others who sympathize with the regime in Libya. Gadafi bought Libyans silence by offering a cheap, unhealthy food with bad intention and calculated strategy.

Mr. Aswad 100% is muddling facts with ignorance by his comments that El-Bazin is the source of Hepatitis C infection in Libya. Hepatitis C and B can be transmitted by body fluids including saliva but it is very rare that they can be transmitted via saliva when ingested with food. Saliva in contact with open wounds or abrasions may facilitate the cross infection between people. Blood or blood products, sharing needles for drugs, tattooing, earring and accidental injections are the most common source of transmitting Hepatitis virus infection B or C or any others or HIV. I hope you can prove it to the world as your theory sound very scientific..??? All Libyans including you are eating from the same dish as this is the tradition in Libya. Whether you eat with hands or spoons or even your tongue, you are still mixing your saliva with the rest of the remaining food. It is very generous of you to describe the setting and the way how El-Bazin is eaten in Libya, but there was no need to falsify facts as others always do. Do not mix facts with ignorance. I am not blaming you for this but I blame your ignorance for such things. I hope one day you can prove to the world that infectious hepatitis viruses can be transmitted via saliva following ingestion of food when people share dishes..??????

I must leave now as I am going to have Rushda bel-gargoush with my fellow Libyans who visited home and ate Bazin last week in Tarhouna.

God bless Libya and all Libyans


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